Start of the journey: Departure into a new life

Departure for freedom

Today is the day, the start of the journey has finally arrived! The departure into a new life as sedentary social citizens is behind us and we begin our time as nomads and life adventurers. The world has welcomed us in our new phase of life with rather mixed feelings. Since our ritual on New Year's Eve in the Berngau Forest, the worm has been in the wind. As if the universe really wanted to ask us again whether we are serious about our undertaking with the new life.

It's finally starting!

The morning began with a good portion of rain. At 11:00 we have an appointment with Ingrid from in-TV, who films our departure. Our mood is rather muted. Somehow we still haven't realized that this is our start as nomadic adventurers. It feels more like we are going for a longer walk. But this feeling changes soon, because our today's stage destination is in Nuremberg, which is about 45 km away. One should start small!

Die Reise beginnt bei etwas Regen

The journey begins with some rain

The beginning of the journey will remain unforgotten!

Just in time for the start the sun comes through for a few minutes to wish us a good journey. But then it probably has other plans and disappears for the rest of the day. Her holiday replacement takes over a gray, closed cloud cover, which is occasionally supported by a light rain. To lighten the mood a little, we decide to take a breakfast break after a few kilometers. This is the first moment when we regret our morning sleeplessness.

What happened to breakfast?

Because 4 of the six wrapped slices of bread are completely moldy. With open eyes you could have noticed this while greasing the bread, but obviously we had missed it. Our breakfast turns out accordingly spartan. But no problem! We still have two hard-boiled eggs! Then the next disappointment. One is completely bad. The white of the egg was more yellow than the yolk. But the yolk was more of a tender green and the taste reminded slightly of sulfuric acid. So we start our journey with a single breakfast bread and half an egg each. At least our warm tea cheers us up a little. As if to make up for our breakfast bankruptcy, we have a very special encounter a short time later. For the first time in our lives we see a wild kingfisher.

Einen Eisvogel hätten wir zu Reisebeginn nicht erwartet

We didn't expect a kingfisher at the beginning of the trip

A new life with our new pilgrim carts

From Postbauer-Heng we head towards the canal, which we follow until we reach the city limits of Nuremberg. After 20 km it already feels like a really long walk rather than a longer one. When our stomach seriously starts to rebel against our hiking-without-food diet, we get some rolls from a small bakery. After 30 km our long walk becomes a really serious challenge. Our pilgrim carts roll leisurely behind us and take almost everything from the luggage load, but the route still begins to become more strenuous with every meter. When our request for a small donation of food from the only inn within a radius of what feels like 50 miles is turned down, we are about to simply lie down in the forest to sleep.

The surprise always comes at the right time

But less than 10 minutes later luck is on our side again. A friendly lady gives us probably the best cake of our life, together with half a cheese baguette as main course. Suddenly our mood is at its peak again. Just when we thought we wouldn't make a millimeter, our bodies now feel ready again to take on the last stage. When we hardly thought it was possible anymore, we reach the border of Nuremberg. But Nuremberg is much bigger on foot than you would expect, if you only knew the city as a car driver so far. When we finally arrive in a residential area with apartment buildings, we notice something astonishing.

Ruhiger Reisebeginn für ein neues Leben

A quiet start for a new life


It's quiet! For the first time on our hike from Postbauer-Heng to Nuremberg we experience something like silence. Before we walked through beautiful forests and along the canal, but the noise of the motorways was our constant companion. Strange that in the middle of a big city one has more silence than in the surrounding area. When we reach the center of Nuremberg, one thing is certain: we will not do such a day stage again so quickly. Completely exhausted we arrive at Hansi's, who accommodates us for the night and welcomes us with a good dinner and a warm shower. But first we have to carry our pilgrim wagons up to the second floor, which is not an easy thing to do with a total weight of almost 40 kg and after such a forced march. But now we enjoy the warm living room, the comfortable sofa, the hot shower, the delicious food and the company of our good friend and new Wilderness School Director.

Vor Reisebeginn ist der Reisepass Check das wichtigste

Before you start your journey the passport check is the most important

Important to know: The most important check before starting a new life should be to apply for a passport and to know all costs for a new passport. The passport should not expire so quickly, but many travel tips on the travel price insurance certificate are also recommended. Make an exact passport price comparison to avoid any nasty surprises. As you know if you have any questions or suggestions, we are of course here for you!

  Saying of the day: Every beginning is hard

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