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I am Heikoand I am very happy that you have found the magical way to us.
Do you also have the feeling that you are not able to reach your full potential at school, at university or even at work?Do you feel that the things you learned at school, in training or at university will never get you to the point that you really want to achieve?
Is it possible that your job or your field of study simply does not fulfill you as you expected it to?
Do you feel a latent dissatisfaction and a wanderlust burning within you that has led you to our side?Do you perhaps even have the feeling that you only do what you do to meet the expectations of society and supposedly make your parents proud?
If you could answer  „even“ one of these question with yes, you are exactly right with us!
The life adventurers inspire people to go their own way. We are your partners on the way to find out what is really your thing! With each article you will know more about what you are called to do and what makes you really happy.
The more you read, the more you will understand how to free yourself from the clutches of society's expectations, but also from the wings of your parents.Soon you will feel where your own soul will lead you to. You will find a clear answer to the question:
What is my vision of life?
We are your mentors on the path and help you to dive into the inspiration of the path of life.
We are your signposts to your life's dream!
Do you want to get out? Then you have to join us! So buy your Ticket! Only in this way we can show you how to move towards freedom through our written words.
No matter if you want to become a digital Web-Nomad, if you decide to follow the path of the healer or if you decide to become an „Off the Grid“ The sky's the limit! If you want to go your own way without social borders, then you have come to the right place.
We love coaching you!
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Your Friends.
First steps with the life adventurers
If you are new to the life adventurers, here are a few 
signposts to help you find your way around:
1. what are the life adventurers about?
W e'll help you:
So that you can free yourself from old shackles and throw your fears overboard to live free, independent and intense lives.
W e'll show you:
How you can become your own master with a location-independent business, how you can travel around the world with little or no money, and how you can simultaneously go deeper and deeper into your life mission, your power, your talents and your true being.
That can't be done!
The most common reasons not to leave
and how you overcome them!
  • Reisen ohne Geld
  • 10 Tipps zum Reisen mit wenig Geld
  • Wie werde ich ein digitaler Nomade?
  • Wie kann ich unterwegs mühelos Geld verdienen?
  • 10 Tipps um Ängste zu überwinden, die deine Freiheit einschränken
  • Unterwegs erfolgreich werden – So baust du den Online Business auf
  • Die eigenen Talente und Stärken erkennen, ausbauen und nutzen
  • Den eigenen Weg finden – So findest du heraus, was deine Lebensmission ist
We are:
Modern natural healers 
Digital life coaches
Digital entertainers
Dreams come true helper
So first we want to give you healing then help you find the courage courage to live your dream to feel deep inside you and to recognize , who you really are. In short: We want you to dive into the deepest satisfaction you can imagine!
Which words describe us the best?
Seeker of truth
Nature discoverer
Dream hunter
Our main topics are:
  • We document our own medicine-walk to become a healer.
  • Life on the street - How we as homeless people experienced true freedom for the first time
  • Feel the empathy! Our self-experiment as blind people and how this expanded our senses.
  • We help you, through specific articles and coachings, that you can easily find your way to your dream life.
A. What's keeps me away from living my dream?
B. How can I find out what my life vision is about?
C. How can I use my talents in a way that I can live freely?
  • we expose lies and try to convey the truth as best we can
A. The Oil Lie
B. The nuclear lie
C. The Vaccines lie
A. The most important plants to feed yourself from outside.
B. Making fire with natural techniques.
C. How do I become a tracker?
  • With us you get all information about travelling and living with little or no money.
A. Is it possible to live without money?
B. 10 tips to find free accommodation worldwide
C. How do I get food without money?
  • What is really healthy and what is behind the diseases that torture me?
A. The 7 stages of disease
B. What my disease wants to tell me
C. The true causes of disease
What does a digital web nomad do?
A digital nomad is someone who, for economic reasons, leads a non-permanent lifestyle. So he knows that he can live more freely, more easily and above all with considerably less money because he is not settled.
He must therefore expend considerably less manpower to achieve the same happyness in life as a settled person. All he needs is an Internet connection and a laptop and the online business is ready. In our case we run several homepages for other people, but also our flagship, where we have collected about 1 million experiences, which are compared and sold here. Despite all this, we live personally without money and support with our manpower four different charity organizations, in which we trust. Francis also lives in robes and celibacy, in a free order of Franciscans.
What actually is a digital nomad?
Under the menu item travel diary you will find our travel diary AROUND OUR CHARITYWALK.
2. Who is actually writing here?
Hello we are the lifeadventurers!
Let me introduce you:
Since 01.01.2014 we have been on a life ourney. We say „life ourney“, because as nomads we do not intend to stop. And if we really want to wander through every country on earth, this will hardly be possible.
For a long time we have been on the trail of the old hunter-gatherers. So I started more than 12 years ago the old-traditional Camana, the training as a naturalist. Later I stumbled more and more into strange situations and suddenly I was in a medical circle.
At these meetings of various healers, Stalking Wolf was repeatedly referred to and emphasized what a special Apache scout he was. Finally Franz and I even got hold of a copy of his old diary.
Didn't this medicine man truly travel across America for 62 years and never got into a single car or even used a single CENT!
We were burning brightly
Of course, we had already done several projects as a duo without money before, BUT THIS WAS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT HOUSE NUMBER. WE BURNED SO BRIGHTLY THAT WE DID NOT NEED ANYBODY TO SEND US ON OUR WAY.
So  Stalking Wolf had received the order from his people to collect the essence of the most different religions and the knowledge of all still existing primitive peoples of the continent.
We didn't have to be told to go!
We knew exactly that we wanted to follow in the oversized footsteps of this mentor Of course, it looked as if David wanted to get lost in the footsteps of Goliath and yet we knew this was our thing. That is our MISSION.
This has always been our vision.
We knew that we wanted to reassemble native medical knowledge.
What we wish you and what we want to give BRENNENDE GEFÜHL burning feeling for something you love with all your heart. If you do something with love, it can only fulfill you. It must bring you success. Your faith will always come true. So our goal is to show you how you can turn your thing into a guarantee for success.
ALL THREE OF US HAD BEEN FOR MANY YEARS BACKPACKER for many years and together we have seen half the world. Each of us has always been independent and has always lived from hand to mouth. So we have always been life artists and have perfected these skills.
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You still think you lack the time and money to see the world? It's all bullshit. We will show you step by step how to reduce your fears
and worries and how to start with a good feeling but also with a sound plan.
Remember, anyone can travel the world. Thousands have done it before you and thousands will do it after you. And yes, with our unfiltered TIPPS and tricks, you'll be on the plane faster than you can count to three. The more you read, the quicker you'll get to freedom. Start right here.
So the the life adventurers help you to earn so much with your way of travelling that you can live in true prosperity.
3. To whom are the life adventurers directed?
You're right here, if:
  • you 're looking for yourself.
  • you have the travel fever in you.
  • you seek for healing.
  • you want to live your life dream.
  • you want to live and work anywhere.
  • you just want to get smarter.
One day in our lives:
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6. The most popular blog articles at a glance
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