Our wish list

You feel enriched or supported by a contribution, a personal consultation or simply by our project itself and would like to give something back?
You would like to do something positive and support someone in a special action? And our Charitywalk is an action that seems worth supporting to you?
You are relatives and/or friends of ours or you know us from the past and you are wondering what we are doing and if there is anything we could use?
For whatever reason you enjoy supporting and promoting us and our world travel project, you are welcome to do so.
We are always happy about support and without it we would not be on the road for a long time. Therefore we would like to thank all the small and big helpers who make our trip possible in the first place!

It would make our trip even more enjoyable...

If you would like to support us on our journey, you can do so in many different ways. For example, by simply being with us in your thoughts, following us on our blog, sharing and recommending us. Every link we get from any point of view to our blog helps to make our project more known, more successful and more helpful!
On a material level, you are welcome to help us out with new equipment that makes our lives easier and allows us to continue our journey. Living in constant motion causes a lot of wear and tear, so we always have to renew some of our equipment.

Material support:

We therefore need the following products again and again and in unlimited quantities:
  • Comfortable hiking boots (low shoes)
  • Sleeping bags of all kinds for people with a height of just over 1.90m
  • Beautiful T-shirts preferably in green or earth tones
  • Hiking backpacks with comfortable harness and hip belt
  • Rainwear (jackets, rain trousers, etc.)
  • Wearing parts for our pilgrim car, such as wheel covers, bicycle tubes, bicycle handles, repair kit, etc.
  • Waterproof panniers, travel bags and camera bags
  • Consumer goods such as plasters, blister plasters, spices, nuts or similar
  • Natural remedies such as Sango, Chlorella, Spirulina, Cordyceps, Maca, eggshell powder, zeolite, bentonite, etc.
  • Spare batteries for example for Apple MacBook Air 13".
  • Laptops (gladly also used but functional and as light as possible)
  • Books eBooks, audio books or films on all topics related to healing, health and life. e.g. the following:

Especially at the moment we could also use the following equipment extremely well:

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III or MarkIV
  • Powerful solar sails
  • A caravan, caravan, mobile home or expedition mobile as a support vehicle
  • A drone for even more exciting film shots
  • An action cam like the new Go-Pro
Everything may also be used materials, as long as they still work.

Immaterial assistance...

On a non-material level we can use support of various kinds:
  • Tips and suggestions for beautiful destinations, hiking trails and regions worth seeing
  • Support with the programming of our Internet pages
  • Support with the translation of our books into other languages
  • Editing of our books and articles
  • Contacts with publishers who publish our books at home and/or abroad
  • Contacts to magazines for which we can write articles.
  • Personal contacts to companies that support us as sponsoring partners.
  • suggestions and ideas about healing methods and new fields of research
  • Remote healing
  • anything else that might be helpful...
Of course, we are always happy to receive small or large financial donations.

Many thanks in advance!

PS: You are a company and would like to become a sponsor partner? Then you can find all information under Sponsorpartner. If you want us to test your products so that we can publish the results in an article, please write us a personal message under contact or just give us a call.