Let go of the past: The last day of the old life

Letting go of the past - how do I do that?

Today is our last day before departure! Now it is time to let go of the past and prepare the farewell ritual, because today is the last day of the old life! Tomorrow around 11:00 am Neumarkt local time our big journey begins. And we have been wondering for quite some time how the last day of the old life will feel like. Our feelings are riding roller coaster and are constantly fluctuating between anticipation, farewell melancholy, fear, expectation and being annoyed by packing back and forth. To celebrate the day, the universe has given us some more challenges and tests. As you can perhaps tell from the time I am writing this report, our time planning has once again not quite worked out as we had imagined. (It's 6:30 a.m. and still my laptop is working to load the last data for the journey).

Das wichtige Abschiedsritual

The important farewell ritual

The final preparations

The last few days were completely dedicated to preparation. Heiko received the pilgrim carts on December 24th just in time for Christmas and used the Christmas days together with his brother-in-law to set up and test our pilgrim carts. In the meantime I spent every spare minute taking care of our blog, which is now almost ready to show off. (Don't worry, it will soon be expanded even further and the empty pages will also be filled).

Everything feels like a farewell ritual

On 29.12. I took the train back to Neumarkt. This was the first day of the big goodbyes, which means letting go of the past. Since then everything we do is a kind of farewell or farewell ritual. So many sayings come to mind letting go of the past. The last time we drove through Neumarkt. The last time we go to the apartment in Badstraße and hand it over to our landlord... Really the last time? Not really. After Peter, our new tenant moved in at 10:00 a.m. on 31.12. , and we handed over all keys to him, we were already back on our old doormat at 10:00 p.m. This time as New Year's Eve guests. A strange feeling to ring at his own front door and suddenly be a guest in his own apartment.

Jetzt die Vergangenheit einfach loslassen!

Now just let go of the past!

Our ritual to let go of the past

Before that we visited the forest in Berngau for the last time, where our "Exposed in the Wilderness" seminars took place in the last years. In the light of our small campfire, we formed a clay mask out of ice-cold clay, as part of our farewell ritual and at the same time as a rite of passage into nomadic life. Despite the cold, there was no doubt in us that this was our real home. Not Berngau or especially this forest, but nature itself. For the first time since the beginning of our preparations at the beginning of the year we clearly felt that we are not leaving to go away, but to be there even more, to feel the connection to the world and to life and to be completely present in the now.

Healing stones as support

If you do have the problem of not being able to let go of the past, wonderful healing stones will help you! Because this great power helps to learn to let go of the past. Well, with the presence in the now it was not far away today. To pay attention to what we would like to do now was hardly possible today. The mind was far too busy thinking of everything we will need in the future. And as if to show that this is no solution in the long run, the universe gave us all sorts of little ass-kicks in the form of breakdowns and bankruptcies.

What else needed to be done?

Our camera bag has still not arrived. Since Christmas, a package was still outstanding that couldn't be picked up because it was at a Pack station that is also a pizza parlor and was closed for the holidays. Full of expectations, we therefore drove to Neumarkt today (the last time mentioned) to pick up the package and a delicious pizza. We got both. But none of them was as we thought. Our package did not contain a photo bag, but books sponsored by the BLV-Verlag. Great books, even if you can't keep a camera in it. The pizza, however, was so spicy that even we chilli-tested spicy eaters almost died of it. Well, we thought, after all, we can still leave our package at the Pack station, which urgently needs to be sent before the journey. Unfortunately, it turned out that the Pack station was full and could no longer accept any packages.

The rest of the day went in about this style. Nevertheless, we somehow managed to get everything organized. Now everything is ready to let go of the past and let the farewell ritual take effect. And after this report, I too will take a nap.

Der letzte Tag des alten Lebens, ist zugleich der neue Tag

The last day of the old life, is also the new day


I am looking forward to the next time!

Our adventure begins!

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