Menschen helfen Menschen
What does family protection mean?
The word "family" in our project Family Protection therefore stands not only for the family itself, but is representative of all phases of being human. Everyone is part of a family and most of us go through different family roles in our lives.
We have thought long and hard about how we can most meaningfully make a contribution to supporting people, families and children that will get where it needs to go. There are countless projects in this area. Some of them do great work, others exploit the suffering of some and the guilt of others to enrich themselves.
So the question was: How can I make sure that I am not just donating without knowing if I am actually achieving something with it, but that I am really being helpful?
How can I contribute?
When we think of donations, we usually think of a sum of money that we transfer to the account of a charitable organisation. But there are far more ways to make our world a better place than donating money. You don't need money to make a contribution, you just need a heart and a bit of creativity. An old saying goes:
"If you want to change the world, change your country. If you want to change your country, change your city. If you want to change your city, change your street. If you want to change your street, change your house. And if you want to change your house, then change yourself".
Small changes with a big effect
It is often not the big things that bring about great things, but the small, everyday ones in family protection. Throughout human history, a revolution has never brought about real change.
In the end, at best, new people were in power, but the problems always remained the same. A change in everyday life, however, a change in all the little things we do every day, leads to our whole life changing bit by bit. Because our life does not consist of one big bang. It is a symphony of small moments that all play together to create the great work of art that is our life.

So if you want to contribute to making life on our planet more beautiful, easier, more pleasant, more peaceful, more heartfelt and more paradisical, the first step is to draw all these qualities into your own life. Into your life and into the lives of the people around you.
Menschen helfen Menschen
The biggest problem of our society is not nuclear power and it is not the corruption of our politicians. It is the fact that bit by bit we have allowed ourselves to lose more and more of our aliveness. We are inhabitants of this planet and as such we are as indigenous as squirrels, whales, ants and butterflies. But we have moved so far away from our roots that we can hardly remember them. How else could we have allowed our food to be poisoned with more pesticides, fertilisers and chemical additives than we can even imagine?

How else could we stand idly by and watch as we become small cogs in an industrial machine that is gradually destroying our own health, our lives, our planet and all its inhabitants? How else could we allow ourselves to be controlled and manipulated through media, drugs and addictive substances? All this is only possible because we have forgotten that we are not just working machines and system wheels, but divine living beings. Beings, that is, lives that are alive and that radiate their own aliveness out into the world. That is exactly what the world needs. People who are alive and who radiate their inner glow outwards.
Die Familie ist unsere Basis für den Start in unser Leben
Help turn the earth into a paradise again!
So if we want to contribute to making this planet the paradise it was meant to be, the easiest way to start is to refocus more on life, more on joy and more on gratitude. To give is to receive.

What we give to the outside world is what we get back ourselves. And the way we treat ourselves is also the way our outside world reacts to us.

So what could be more effective in contributing to the common good than bringing joy, warmth and cordiality into the world?

So let's not just give money to our fellow human beings, let's not just donate an arbitrary sum to the anonymous account of an unknown aid project. Let us donate time, love, joy, warmth and friendship.
Family support: Creating a network of vitality
Because that is exactly what is missing in our society: the real aliveness of each individual and thus also of humanity as such. Our society has become more and more a functional society in which it is more about functioning in the system than being there for oneself and for others. As a result, our families have increasingly lost the healing, protecting and creating power they once had.
The more we ourselves feel pressured and compelled to function, the more we deprive ourselves of the joy of life. And the less we can help others to find their strength and joy of heart.
Make yourself and others happy again more often. Take long walks in the woods, lie down in a green meadow in summer and watch the clouds pass over you with lightness. Take time for yourselves, cook something delicious, lie down in the hot bath, massage your own feet and become a good friend to yourselves.

Just as you are now meeting and pleasing yourself, you can also meet others. Give your partner a soothing massage, invite them to another home-cooked feast, write them a poem if you can write poetry, or say a few kind words. Grab a bored neighbour's child and take him on a journey of discovery. But you might want to check with the parents at the family protection centre beforehand, so that you don't get arrested for kidnapping. Organise a reading evening with a crackling fire, hot tea and exciting books. Help someone with their homework, heartache or stress with their own parents. Visit your own grandparents or someone else's in the old people's home, play Scrabble or Mill with them, listen to their stories or tell them your own. Take some of the work off a stressed housewife and help her with the washing up or support a technology dyslexic to help with his computer problems.
Only what is done with love can bring about something positive
But do all this only if you really enjoy it. Everything that is not done with love causes suffering, no matter how well-intentioned it may be.
Only when you can do something with love and joy can it lead to positive change.
If you hate washing up, beware of doing it as a favour to someone. Find out what you are passionate about and share that passion with others. This is how you can make the world a paradise again.

Feel free to share your experiences and ideas here on the site. We have only provided a tiny selection of the ideas that are possible and welcome many more suggestions. Inspire your fellow human beings with good ideas and encourage them to do nice little things or unusual actions with which you have had good experiences.
Familienhilfe bedeutet, sich gegenseitig Lebensfreude zu schenken
What are the tasks in family support?
Many important tasks arise from the situation of the individual families. This can be, for example, a need for help in the following areas: Overstrain of the parents; mental illness of the parents; dealing with aggression and dissatisfaction; support with educational issues; organising household management; maintaining the child's well-being and much more; what are the experiences with supportive family assistance from the youth welfare office? Inform yourselves generously on this, because there is a lot to know.

The effects of the Corona pandemic also represent an absolutely exceptional situation in family protection for children and their families. The strong Family Network is therefore called upon in a special way in an acute time of crisis. The emergency Kits and the compensation entitlement for childcare, should be used for important support.
For example, socio-educational family assistance is an offer of help for families, this means cohabiting couples with at least one child, whose living situation is characterized by a variety of psychosocial difficulties. Accordingly, there is always a need for staff willing to help. So if you would like to get involved professionally in the area of charity or family assistance, it is best to check out the many aid organizations for suitable job offers and interesting salary opportunities. If you are unsure, you can also contact us by email and ask for advice.
Family care and protection
I Help Now! - A project that brings help where it is needed
With, we have also found a way to combine classic donations with direct, personal support.
"Ich helfe jetzt" is a project that makes it possible to provide direct help without having to transfer money from one account to another. In 2011, Johannes and Anja Bittner from Dresden thought about how they could support people who, due to a wide variety of circumstances, have found themselves in problem situations and thus need the support of others. Be it refugees who have been driven out of their homeland, victims of domestic violence, or simply people who can no longer live for themselves due to old age or illness.
Who is "I help now!"
The small organization, which is supported by the non-profit association "Dresden - Place to be e.V.", uses its website to collect offers of help from people, including those in family protection, who want to make their own personal contribution and forwards them to appropriate aid organizations that specifically support these people.

It does not matter what kind of help is offered. Donations in kind are just as welcome as support through voluntary labour or even encouraging, positive and supportive words. Helpers can enter their offer of help on the site, and it will then be automatically sent to the aid organizations that work with The aid organizations can then look at the offers and select those that are relevant to them at the moment. The helper is then informed and can put their help into action.
Freiwillige Helfer für Kinder in Not
How can I help here?
The beauty of "I'm helping now" is that you can make a contribution without having to donate money. Instead, you can help directly where help is needed. You donate your time, your labour and your commitment. And you do it exactly where it is needed and in a way that makes you happy. If you want to work with kindergarten children, you can do just that. If you would rather help young people to integrate, for example by giving language lessons or helping them find a connection at school, then that's just as well. And if instead you want to make sure that the oldest generation is doing well, then you have the opportunity to do that too. You decide where, when, for how long and in what way you want to offer your support. Simply go to the "I'm helping now" website and look under "Donate time" and choose the area that suits you best.

Alternatively, you can also give new meaning to things that you may have long since outlived their usefulness. Everything from clothes and shoes for children or adults to bicycles, toys, cuddly toys, nappies and baby food can be helpful here. You can find more information about this under "Donate things" on the "I'm helping now" page.
Can I also donate money?
If you think the family aid project "Ich Helfe jetzt" is good and worthy of support, but neither want to discard things nor have the time to become active yourself, then you can of course also donate money. Although the project tries to manage as well as possible without money, financial means are always needed. You can find out more under "Donate money".
Does my family help really arrive at I-help-now?
To make sure that the aid organizations that are supported at the end are really trustworthy, they are all checked directly and personally by the "I help now" staff. If you want to know which organisations are included, you can check out the list at this link: Project list.
Freiwillige Helfer für Kinder in Not
Can I also participate in "I'm helping now" with my own project?
If you yourself belong to an aid organization that cares for refugees in Germany and you would like to register it with, you can request further information here: Registration for aid organisations.
Does the registration with "I help now" cost anything?
Registration and use of are free of charge for all donors as well as for all aid organisations. The portal is financed exclusively by donations.

We thank you for your support and wish you lots of fun helping!