Call of freedom

The call of freedom - is audible for everyone!

Even if we are driven out into nature with all our might, Nuremberg did not want to let us go so quickly. But our reputation for freedom means that we can always remain optimistic, no matter what tasks need to be solved! Because before we left, there were still some organizational tasks to be done. Our little camera, which was still lying naked and unprotected in our pockets, has now been given a cover and our carriages have been decorated with beautiful banners and the inscription: So everybody we meet can read up on what we will experience, support and report on our journey.

Der neue Schriftzug "" leuchtet von der Rückseite unserer Pilgerwagen

The new lettering "" shines from the back of our pilgrim carts.


Also, the heart project begins!

Das Projekt der Freiheit dient dem Schutz der Urwälder

The freedom project serves to protect the primeval forests

However, the most important meeting of the day was with Josephine, Ninfa and Constantine. Together with them we worked out a project with which our trip will soon have an even greater impact than we had previously imagined. Constantine will create an organization to protect virgin forests, reservations of primitive peoples and natural areas from destruction by civilization man. With every kilometer we walk in freedom, ever larger natural areas can then be protected. Isn't that great! In this way we can always give something back for everything we receive from the universe along the way.


The atmosphere resembles the weather

Our mood of freedom still resembles the weather in almost all areas. Now and then it clears up and then our sunny disposition comes through with joy and humor. But most of the time it is still as overcast as the grey sky. Also, our phases of sadness and melancholy, which appear again and again, fit exactly to the rain showers. The exhaustion of the last few weeks is still hanging deep in our bones and will probably take a while until we have it completely out of us. The more we are on the road here in Nuremberg, the more we feel that the big city is not a place for us at the moment.

But what we always feel is the great call of freedom! The grey walls and the grey asphalt are simply not the right backdrop to cheer you up. Even the hectic pace and the continuous noise level do not exactly help us find back our inner peace and relaxation.

When we were passing through Nuremberg today, we could really understand for the first time how Free Willy must have felt. The surrounding city seemed like a prison and from somewhere behind the walls the call of freedom resounded for us, louder than ever before! We could hardly wait to go out into the sunset like the famous killer whale in the movie. To finally be really free!

Gelassenheit und Ruhe fördert unsere Kraft

Serenity and peace promotes our strength


How do you find serenity and calm in the hustle and bustle?

Of course, it is the highest art of meditation to stay in its center in the midst of the biggest hustle and bustle, but it is only our second day, and we don't really want to succeed yet. Accordingly, we are already looking forward to crossing the first forests tomorrow and turning our backs on the city in order to continue to follow our call for freedom.


The slogan of the day: There is strength in silence

Daily kilometers: 18 km Total kilometers: 57 km  

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