Gifts for anglers: fishing holidays & fishing trips in price comparison

If someone has a hobby, such as fishing, then the question of a suitable gift for a birthday, Christmas or other occasions is quickly answered. A passionate angler naturally needs a suitable fishing gift! The far more difficult question is then only: What does such a suitable gift for anglers look like? Especially if you don't share this hobby yourself, it can be a big challenge. In this article we have therefore compiled some popular gift ideas for anglers and linked them so that you can buy them right away if you want to. Among them are some very nice fishing trips, fishing events and fishing experiences. We've even included a price comparison so that you can always choose the best price.

We have also put together some information about fishing that will help you to understand this hobby. Maybe it will even make you want to have your own fishing experience.

Fishing experiences - A highlight for all fishing friends

Angelerlebnis in Kanada If you want to please a real angler, then nothing is better than a voucher for a fishing experience! How about an adventure voucher for deep sea fishing in the Baltic Sea, for example? If the angler is your partner and you are also enthusiastic about sport fishing, then maybe a fishing weekend for two is the right thing for you. Imagine how romantic it would be to enjoy a candlelight dinner on the terrace at sunset while enjoying the fish you caught together.

Fishing experiences can also be divided into different areas:

Fishing trips

On a fishing tour or even a fishing holiday, you combine the fishing experience with a trip. Experience your fishing highlight, for example, when you go inshore fishing in a beautiful Norwegian fjord. Go ice-fishing together or book a boat trip with fishing adventure in the Caribbean. If, on the other hand, you are not so far out in the world, a voucher for fishing in Hamburg might be the right thing for you.

Fishing event

Angevents, on the other hand, are events that are partly or mainly about fishing. A good example of this is the Fishing Masters Show, where the best anglers in Germany demonstrate their skills. A lot of fishing fun for all true fans is preprogrammed here. But there are also more than enough possibilities for your own fishing events. Starting with a fishing trip with your fishing club to Lake Constance to an ice fishing competition in Canada or Sweden. Or how about a boat fishing event on Lake Ebro in Spain, one of the most popular fishing areas in Europe. And for those who want a little more thrill, a noodling competition in the USA might be just the right fishing event. Fishing trips Here you will find exciting fishing experiences in price comparison!

Support for fishing fans on the experience galaxy

So that you don't have to search long for fishing experiences, we have put together everything that makes the angler's heart beat faster in our galaxy of experiences on a single website! With us, you will find everything about fishing and everything for fishing on just one page. Whether you are looking for gifts for anglers, fishing sports, fishing games, fishing supplies, fishing equipment, fishing accessories, fishing trips, fishing holidays, fishing expeditions or fishing experiences. If you are looking for something to fish, you have come to the right place, whether you consider fishing a hobby, whether it is your passion or whether you earn your living by fishing. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for fishing equipment for children or beginners in our fishing shop, or whether you have been fishing for years and want to buy exclusive, high-quality fishing tackle to perfect your equipment.

How does it work? Quite simply by providing you first of all with the best fishing experiences that you can find on the market, starting with fishing holidays, surf fishing on the Baltic Sea, fly fishing in Greece and ice fishing in Canada. Here you will find the ideal secret places for fishing in Norway, the best destinations for fishing trips in Germany, the most popular fishing trips in Sweden and the best fishing trips worldwide.

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Fishing adventure - Fishing becomes an experience!

Fishing is a sport that combines the experience of nature with relaxation, pleasure, freedom and adventure. With our experience gifts for anglers we want to contribute to making these qualities even more intense. Whether zander fishing in Hamburg or deep-sea fishing in the South Seas, we make every fishing holiday a special adventure. Learn new fishing tricks in a fishing course or prepare for your fishing license. Take a fishing holiday with your family and inspire your children with your favourite sport. Or measure your skills against those of other amateur and sports fishermen at a fishing event.

Ein romantisches Angelabenteuer beim Sonnenuntergang

Where is the best place to fish?

There are countless places where sport fishing becomes a unique experience. The experience galaxy Heiko Gärtner offers fishing experiences to experience for yourself or as a gift idea for anglers therefore in the following regions among others:

Eine Angelreise nach Russland

Eine Angelreise nach Russland

  • Sperfishing in Sweden
  • Coastal fishing in Denmark
  • Hand-fishing in Norway
  • Baiting fish in the Baltic Sea
  • Cheesefishing in the Edersee
  • Alpine Fishing
  • Waller fishing in the Czech Republic
  • Trout fishing in Brandenburg
  • Worm bathing on Rügen
  • Fishing clubs in Hamburg
  • Rainbow trout fishing in Austria
  • Fly fishing in France
  • Hobby fishing in Franconia
  • Carp fishing in Saxony
  • Sport fishing in Croatia
  • Fishing in Bavaria
  • Boat fishing in southern Norway
  • Eel fishing in Schleswig Holstein
  • Hobby fishing in Poland
  • Friedfish fishing in Berlin
  • Fishing for saithe in the Netherlands
  • Surf fishing on the North Sea
    Heiko and Shania on their first fishing experience together

    Heiko and Shania on their first fishing experience together

  • Sea fishing on Usedom
  • Brown trout nets in Spain
  • Fishing in Ireland
  • Carp fishing in Saxony
  • Hobby fishing in Hesse
  • Ice fishing in Finland
  • Trolling on the Main
  • Hobby-Showfishing at Lake Constance
  • Mackerel fishing in Thuringia
  • Fishing holiday at the lake
  • Fishing competitions in Iceland
  • Sharks catch Langeland
  • Deep sea fishing on Fehmarn
  • Fly fishing in southern Sweden
  • Fishing tournaments in northern Norway
  • Trolling in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Drop-shot fishing in Switzerland
  • Mackerel fishing in Mecklenburg
  • Rudd fishing in Hungary
  • Trout fishing in the Danube
  • Fishing events in the Elbe
  • Fishing in the Allgäu
  • Sportfishing in Bremen
  • Fishing on Hitra
  • Landing fish on the Rhine
  • Hobby fishing in Holland
  • Fishing on the Neckar
  • Fishing sport in NRW 

The best destinations for fishing holidays

In case you want to combine your fishing experience with a holiday, we have also put together the best regions for a relaxed and enjoyable fishing holiday. Our tip: Especially if you are looking for a gift for an angler, these fishing holidays are especially popular!

Netzfischen in der Südsee - das ultimative Angelabenteuer
  • Fishing in Norwegian fjords
  • Fishing trip in Germany
  • Nature adventure trip with fishing license in Sweden
  • Fishing holiday in Switzerland
  • Sportfishing Austria
  • Adventure fishing in Greece
  • Fishing trips in Canada
  • Relaxation holiday with fishing fun on Rügen
  • Ice fishing Finland
  • Fishing tour through France
  • Angelexpedition in Italien

Alaska Fishing - fishing vacation in Alaska

Alaska fishing is fishing in Alaska, with special attention paid to the conditions in that country. Ice fishing and fly fishing are therefore particularly popular, as the conditions are particularly good. Fishing trips to Alaska are one of the most unusual gifts you can give an angler. Of course they are not cheap, as the flight alone costs several hundred euros. But the fishing fun that one can achieve with it is the bigger. Alaska is one of the last almost completely untouched natural areas in the world. To see this beauty is an experience you will never forget.

Fishing tips for Denmark

Dänemark eignet sichvor allem aufgrund seiner langen Küste für Angelurlaube und Angeltrips. Es ist von Deutschland aus leicht zu erreichen und biete viele schöne Strände, an denen man weitgehend für sich sein kann. In Küstennähe kann man  zudem in sehr schönen, zumeist Reedgedeckten Holzferienhäusern übernachten.

Germany - Many possibilities for fishing at home

Fishing in Germany should not be underestimated either, of course. Because also directly with us there is a variety of different possibilities for every kind of fishing. From Lake Constance fishing to North Sea fishing, there is something for everyone. In the following we have listed the best known and most popular fishing regions in Germany so that you can get an overview.

Angelausflüge zum Bodden

Boddenangeln ist das Angeln in sogenannten Bodden. Dies sind flache Küstengewässer, die oft auch vom Meer überflutet werden, generell jedoch durch eine dünne Landmasse davon getrennt sind. Besonders schöne Bodden gibt es an der südlichen Ostseeküste, wo sie das Landschaftsbild maßgeblich prägen. Als Geschenk für Bodden-Angler eignen sich daher vor allem Angelreisen nach Sylt, Zingst, Darst oder Rügen. Ein besonderes Angelerlebnis ist solch eine Reise vor allem im Herbst, wenn es noch warm, die See aber schon ein bisschen rauer ist. Unsere Empfehlung ist hierbei ein romantisches Angelwochende zu Zweit, bei dem sie das gemeinsame Angelabenteuer mit einem gemütlichen Abend vor dem knisternden Kamin ausklingen lassen können. Dazu darf dann ein frisch zubereiteter, selbst gefangener Fisch natürlich nicht fehlen.

Bodensee Fishing - Sport fishing at Lake Constance

This refers to sport fishing in Lake Constance, for which special licences are required. It is particularly suitable as a fishing gift, as Lake Constance radiates a special holiday atmosphere by itself. Here you can combine your fishing adventure with other exciting experiences such as a zeppelin ride, a mountain hike or a Segway tour through Lindau. All the experiences and adventures you can do in Lindau and around Lake Constance can be found here: Adventure gifts in Lindau

When fishing in Lake Constance it is important to observe the closed seasons. Lake Constance fishing is a special fishing event, especially if you rent a boat from a boat rental company and take it out on the water. Due to its size, Lake Constance offers habitat for a wide variety of fish, which makes carp fishing just as possible as predator fishing.

Müritz Fishing Müritz fishing means fishing in the Müritz. North Sea Fishing Sea angling, surf angling and deep sea angling are referred to as North Sea angling when they take place in the North Sea. Rhine Fishing Rhine fishing is the term used to describe fishing in the Rhine. Rügen Fishing Fishing on Rügen is also called Rügen fishing.

Norway Fishing

Due to its many lakes, rivers and fjords, as well as its above-average fish population, Norway is particularly popular with many recreational fishermen. Among other things, you can go ice fishing here until well into spring, as the lakes are still frozen for a long time. But fly fishing, trolling, predator fishing and surf fishing are also popular fishing activities in Norway. Unique is also the experience of fishing in one of Norway's fjords. Many anglers therefore take Norway fishing holidays or Norway fishing trips. There are even some Norway Fishing shops that specialize in equipment for Norway holiday fishing. Among the popular Norwegian fish, i.e. the fish that Norway loves to catch, are trout, sea trout, pike, eels, salmon and many other fish species. If you are planning a fishing trip to Norway and are therefore looking for the right fishing equipment for Norway, you can buy the right fishing equipment here in our fishing shop online comparison cheap and time-effective.

Southern Norway Fishing Fishing in Southern Norway is also called Southern Norway Fishing.

Sweden Fishing

Fishing in Sweden is called Swedish fishing. The Swedish fish, i.e. the angling fish living in Sweden, includes not only trout and pike, but also salmon, for which special salmon licences are required. Unlike in many other countries, you don't need a fishing licence to be allowed to fish in Sweden, but you just have to get a fishing licence, which you can buy relatively cheaply at tourist information offices and petrol stations. Fishing in Sweden is therefore especially popular with beginners, but also with adventurers and nature lovers, and is a good fishing gift.

Ebro Fishing

The Ebro is a river in Spain with a reservoir that is known for its incomparable abundance of fish and therefore attracts countless fishermen and anglers every year. Fishing and angling in the Ebro is therefore also called Ebro fishing. Here the normal fishing is already a real fishing event. Because a fishing experience on the Ebro offers everything a nature lover and bon vivant could wish for. Steeling sun, vast landscapes, clear, cool water, rustic country houses as accommodation and much more. A fishing trip to the Ebro is definitely a must for all fishing fans and as a fishing gift you definitely can't go wrong with it.

Holland Fishing Holland Fishing oder auch Nierderlande Fishing genannt ist das Fischen in Holland oder das Fischen in den Niederlanden. Lofoten fishing Lofoten is an archipelago consisting of about 80 islands located off the Norwegian coast with a particularly rich fish population.

Fishing tips

But we wouldn't be the experience galaxy Heiko Gärtner, if we wouldn't provide you with a lot of useful information and all kinds of interesting facts about fishing. Especially if you are not familiar with this area yourself and are looking for suitable experiences, trips or events for anglers, you will find the following information useful. A few exciting stories, unexpected facts and useful tips are given right here in this article. But you can also read much more in our constantly growing Wiki. Here, for example, you can learn all about the history of fishing, as well as the different types of fishing. In the following, however, we will concentrate on the question of which types of fishing and sport fishing are particularly suitable for which fishing experience, which fishing event or which fishing trip.

What exactly is fishing?

Fishing is often referred to as sport fishing and is a popular recreational activity that involves catching fish with a rod from an open water body. The fish is baited with a hand rod and bait. In the simplest case, a fishing rod consists only of bait, hook and line, but most sport fishermen use a sport fishing rod with a fishing reel. When fishing for predators, a steel leader is often used, so that the predator cannot cut the fishing line with its teeth. The steel leader is an indirect extension of the fishing line, made of bite proof wire to which the hook and bait are attached. So-called swivels are often used as a link between fishing line or steel leader. The following fishing methods are commonly known: ice-fishing, spin-fishing, spinn-fishing, spinning, match-fishing, trolling, deep-sea fishing, fly-fishing, feather-fishing, drop-shot fishing and surf-fishing.

Where can I get more information about fishing?

If you still can't decide which gifts for anglers, fishing experiences, fishing events or fishing articles are best for you, you are of course welcome to find out more. We have found angling forums to be particularly helpful in this respect, where experienced fishermen can tell you everything about angling, fishing requirements, angling laws in Germany, angling waters, angling areas in Germany, various angling centres, angling in winter, angling without a licence, angling clubs and much more, which they themselves find helpful. A fishing forum is so helpful because here anglers write for anglers and share their experiences with each other. Here you will find specific information such as tips for trout fishing on the pond, the best fishing events of the year or the top destinations for fishing trips. The following books are also helpful for successful fishing and always go down well as gifts:

Fishing books for beginners

[amazon box="1717928854" title="Das Angelbuch: Angeln lernen für Anfänger" description="Dieses Angelbuch für Anfänger bietet Ihnen gleich 3 der beliebtesten Angelbücher in einem." ]

[amazon box="3275020943" title="Angeln für Einsteiger" description="Egal ob Absolvent der Fischerprüfung, Wiedereinsteiger, Gelegenheits- oder Urlaubsangler – dieses Buch vermittelt sämtliche Grundlagen für erfolgreiches Angeln. " ]

[amazon box="1983180807" title="Angeln lernen für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene" description="Schnur an die Rute, Pose auf die Schnur und Haken dran. Dann treiben lassen und warten, bis etwas passiert." ]

books for examination preparation

[amazon box="3835416650" title="Fischerprüfung: Das Standardwerk" description="Das Standardwerk für Prüfung und Praxis: umfassend, völlig überarbeitet vom Angelprofi Hans Eiber, mit den neuesten Trends und Entwicklungen im Angelbereich." ]

Technology Books

[amazon box="3835415921" title="Angelknoten & Vorfachmontagen: Die sichere Verbindung zum Fisch" description="Das Binden von 32 bewährten Angelknoten zum Verbinden der Schnur oder zum Anknüpfen von Wirbel und Haken. 64 erprobte Vorfachmontagen internationaler Angelexperten für diverse Angelmethoden und Fischarten." ]

[amazon box="xxx" title="3440108805" description="Die Angelschnur ist der direkte Draht zum Fisch, und sie muss allerhand aushalten. Dieses Buch verrät Ihnen, welche Schnüre und Vorfächer es gibt und wie man sie knotet." ]

Fishing books for advanced and professionals

[amazon box="3831025452" title="Praxisbuch Angeln: Ausrüstung, Köder, Techniken, Fischarten, Angelreviere" description="Die schönsten Angelreviere, Angelstrategien für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene, über 90 Fischarten - dieses Buch bietet perfekten Überblick über das beliebte Hobby Angeln." ]

[amazon box="3275020471" title="365 ultimative Fangtipps: Mehr Bisse, mehr Fische, mehr Spaß" description="hierdiebeschreibung" ]

[amazon box="3835415085" title="Angeln – so geht’s: Vom Einsteiger bis zum Profi" description="Das kompakte Praxisbuch für Einsteiger: alle Grundlagen, übersichtlich und animativ präsentiert. Ausrüstung, Zubehör, Fischsteckbriefe. Angelmethoden für Friedfische, Raubfische, Fliegenfischen und Meeresangeln." ]

[amazon box="3440141268" title="Beißt nicht - gibt's nicht: Fangerfolg garantiert" description="Kapitale Karpfen, gewaltige Waller, glasäugige Zander, pfeilschnelle Hechte: Mit dem richtigen Know-how kann jeder Angler sehr erfolgreich große Fische fangen." ]

[amazon box="3835416243" title="50 Angelfische und wie man sie fängt" description="Klar gegliedert und strukturiert: ausführliche Porträts von 34 Süßwasserfischen und 16 europäischen Meeresflächen." ]

Fishing books for children

[amazon box="3440156230" title="Das Angelbuch für Kids: Mit Fischsteckbriefen für Unterwegs" description="In diesem Buch erfahren Jungangler wie Fische leben, welche Ausrüstung zum Angeln benötigt wird und wie man sich am Wasser rücksichtsvoll und sicher verhält. " ]

[amazon box="378917601X" title="Das große Buch vom Angeln" description="Angeln macht nicht nur Spaß, sondern kann auch sehr aufregend sein - bedeutet es doch, ein Stück Natur zu entdecken." ]

[amazon box="3835416979" title="Das Praxisbuch für junge Angler: Techniken & Tipps für Kinder und Jugendliche" description="So erfolgreich werden wie die Großen: das Einsteigerbuch für Kinder und Jugendliche, das Lust aufs Abenteuer Angeln macht. " ]

Fishing Stories

[amazon box="327501868X" title="Angeln ist irre: Die 50 besten Geschichten" description="Geschichten voll Spannung und Witz, von geraubten Juwelen und Karpfenkönigen - das alles finden Angelfans in dieser Neuheit." ]

fishing diary

[amazon box="1081272546" title="Tagebuch um seine Fänge beim Angel aufzuzeichnen" description="Dieses Buch bietet Platz für über 100 Fischer Abenteuer und ist Ideal als Geschenk an alle leidenschaftlichen Fischer" ]

Fishing experiences for beginners

Even if you have no fishing experience, you can find the right fishing experience with us. How about a fishing course from a real professional fisherman, for example? Or a fishing holiday where you are accompanied by a guide who will tell you all the important tips and tricks? Very popular are also our fish cooking courses, where you can learn from top chefs how to prepare your self caught fish to a culinary highlight. And of course there are fishing events where you can learn special fishing techniques. Starting with the most important casting techniques for the rod to special variants of sport fishing such as spin fishing, ice fishing or surf fishing.

Here you will find suitable fishing experiences for beginners In the following video you can also learn the three most important casting techniques with the rod yourself.  

Use Anglerforum for even more fishing experiences

In a fishing forum you can also find out how to learn to fish, how to become a fishing guide, which fishing catalogue is recommended, where you can fish for a reasonable price, which is the largest fishing paradise, when the fishing season in Germany begins and ends, where to get a fishing license, how to prepare for the fishing exam and what requirements you need to get a fishing license. Learn in an angler forum directly from the professionals, what is important to be able to fish properly from the very beginning.

You will find answers to the following questions about your fishing adventure in the Angler Forum:

Where do the professionals fish?Angeln für Anfänger

Where can I fish as a beginner with a day pass? When do I need a thermal suit for fishing and where can I get one? What do I have to consider if I want to fish with a depth gauge? How good are Sportex fishing rods compared to Schimano fishing rods? What is a seat pan? What types of fish are there? Where is the next fishing event? What are the Angevents in my area? What are the best gifts for anglers? Which rod holder is ideal for a type of fishing? How do I choose the best rod case? Which rod and reel do I need for fishing predatory fish? When do I need a multi reel, when a free reel and when a fly reel? What are the advantages of a braided fishing line? When do I prefer a braided line and when a simple line? Why is Norway so suitable for fly fishing? Which destinations are best suited for a fishing holiday? Which fish in Norway are even allowed to be fished? Where can I find a holiday home in Norway for fishing? Where can I generally find a holiday home for fishing? What are the best fishing spots in Germany? How do I plan a fishing trip through Germany? Where is the best place to go on a fishing camping tour? And much more. In addition, you will always find fishing rod tests and experience reports on fishing equipment sets and other fishing gear, as well as other ideas for fishing experiences and gifts for anglers in a fishing forum. So there is only one thing left: We wish you good luck with your gifts for anglers!  

Romantisches Angelabenteuer bei Sonnenuntergang

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