Wine gifts - The best gifts for wine lovers

What do you give a wine lover? This question is often not as easy to answer as one might think at first. Because the range of different wines and wine gifts is so confusingly large that it is often difficult to make the right decision. Especially since wine connoisseurs usually also have a very concise personality and, especially when it comes to wine, know exactly what they want and what not. So the layman has many possibilities to put his foot in it or to miss the mark when choosing his gift. For this reason, we have put together a small overview of what kind of wine gifts there are and which gift ideas will be particularly appreciated by which wine lover with which taste.

Weingeschenke aus aller Welt

Wine gifts from all over the world

The best wine gifts in price comparison

To make your search easier we have in most cases added links with ideas and suggestions to get the appropriate wine gifts. If it was possible, we have also provided you with a price comparison with different suppliers, so that you can immediately see the cheapest offers for your topic at first glance. This works for ordering wine gifts from Germany as well as from Austria and Switzerland. This way you can save a lot of money, especially when it comes to gifts for wine connoisseurs. Have fun being inspired!

Es braucht nicht viel um einem geliebten Menschen ein besonderes Erlebnis zu bereiten

It does not take much to give a loved one a special experience

For whom and for what occasion are wine gifts suitable as a gift idea?

The nice thing about wine is that it suits almost every occasion. Wine gifts are therefore just as suitable for Christmas as they are for weddings, birthdays, business deals, anniversaries, Mother's Day and even funerals. You can never do anything wrong with wine, unless of course the recipient is either a teetotaler or has or had a drinking problem. Or he is simply a person who cannot stand wine. But this can usually be easily found out in advance. And if this is not the case, then unusual, special or noble wine gifts are suitable for both women and men. If you decide on an exclusive wine gift for Christmas, this should of course be addressed to the parents and under no circumstances to the children. Also for birthdays, the birthday child should in any case be older than sixteen, better than eighteen. But that goes without saying.

Weingeschenke für Paare

Wine gifts for couples

A good wine: Perhaps the best gift for a wine lover

Even if it sounds banal and perhaps a little too obvious, there is actually very little that a true wine connoisseur is more pleased about than a good wine. But as banal as the answer to the question of the right wine gift may sound at first, it is ultimately difficult to put into practice. Because giving a real wine connoisseur an inferior wine by mistake, or a good wine that completely misses its taste, is usually worse than showing up without a gift. So if you are a wine connoisseur yourself and know exactly which noble drop will meet the taste of the presentee, then there is of course no question. On the other hand, if you don't know anything about the matter and don't drink any wine yourself, or if you do, then mainly from the Tetra-Pack, then you should urgently seek advice from an expert before buying.

Edle Weine kommen als Geschenk immer gut an

Fine wines are always well received as gifts

In both cases you can take a look at the following wine dealers and wine depots, as they not only offer an excellent selection of fine wines, but also first-class advice from professional wine experts. But beware! With good wine, the price of a bottle can quickly climb to dizzying heights. There is actually no limit to the sky. So think carefully about what you are prepared to spend and what is appropriate for the occasion of your gift. If you find that the right wine for the occasion is beyond your budget or simply too expensive for the occasion, then it might make sense to choose one of the many creative wine gifts that are happily available on the market today.

If you don't know anything about wine, but are invited to a fine occasion, where you probably should be able to contribute something to this topic, we recommend the following video. It is a humorous wine seminar for non-wine connoisseurs and gives you the simplest facts in a concise and precise way, to at least give you the impression that you are a professional here:" alignment="" width="630" height="360" autoplay="false" api_params="" hide_on_mobile="small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility" class=""]

The noblest wines

Here we have put together a small selection of the most expensive wines that you can currently buy online.

[amazon box="B076HSDWRQ" title="Château Latour - Pauillac 1986" description="Französischer Wein / 12 x Bouteille (75 cl)" ]

[amazon box="B07L4N2YFK" title="Le Petit Mouton de Mouton Rothschild" description="Classification : Pauillac | Pays : France | Région : Bordeaux | Marque : Le Petit Mouton de Mouton Rothschild | Type : Vins Tranquilles Rouge | Millésime : 2014 | Volume : 75cl" ]

[amazon box="B07KNP8F4W" title="Le Clarence de Haut-Brion" description="Producteur : Château Haut-Brion | Classification : AOC Pessac-Léognan | Pays : France | Région : Bordeaux | Marque : Le Clarence de Haut-Brion | Type : Vins Tranquilles Rouge | Millésime : 2016 | Volume : 75 cl" ]

[amazon box="B07D6SN9XB" title="Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux" description="Producteur : Château Margaux | Classification : AOC Margaux | Pays : France | Région : Bordeaux | Marque : Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux | Type : Vins Tranquilles Rouge | Millésime : 2009 | Volume : 75 cl" ]

[amazon box="B07D6SNF1W" title="Les Forts de Latour" description="Producteur : Château Latour | Classification : AOC Pauillac | Pays : France | Région : Bordeaux | Marque : Les Forts de La Tour | Type : Vins Tranquilles Rouge | Millésime : 2010 | Volume : 75 cl" ]

Discover more fine wines on eBay

Die besten Weine der Welt

The best wines in the world

A noble wine in noble packaging

Almost as important as the wine itself is the way it is packaged. The bottle with the noble beverage shows that you either know your way around the subject or are able to ask an expert for advice. It also shows that you are not exactly starving financially. But it is the packaging that reveals whether you really have style or taste. Because this is where you give the wine its personal touch. This is where you decide what personal touch you want to give your gift. Should it be rather plain and perhaps just decorated with a discreet bow? Do you want to wrap it up in a funny way or do you prefer to give it in a noble wine gift box? Whatever you choose, you are making a decision and this in turn makes the still neutral bottle of wine your personal gift. Here is a small selection of original wine packaging:

[amazon box="B006M3JHVW" title="Flaschen-Puzzle aus dunklem Edelholz" description="Das Flaschengefängnis aus edlem Holz ist die perfekte Verpackung für eine Weinflasche. Mit dem Puzzle verwandeln Sie in einfaches Wein-Geschenk in ein lustiges und kniffliges Denkspiel." ] [amazon box="B077N9MYVM" title="Jute-Weinbeutel" description="Das Paket umfasst 10 Stück Weinbeutel aus Sackleinen, geeignet für den täglichen Gebrauch, großartig für Bastelarbeiten oder als Dekoration." ] [amazon box="B07S22YPGY" title="Klare Zellophan Wein Taschen" description="Diese Taschen verleihen jedem Geschenk die passende Note, das Leben braucht ein Gefühl von Ritualen, Rotwein Taschen können Ihre Lebensqualität verbessern und Sie glücklich machen." ] [amazon box="B0788GRNZ2" title="Flaschenbeutel mit Spruch" description="Hochwertiger Flaschenbeutel aus schwerem Stoff (340g/m²) und robusten Henkel" ] [amazon box="xxx" title="Wein Geschenkbox: 5-teiliges Sommelier-Set in Edler Geschenkbox für 1 Weinflasche" description="Tolle Geschenkidee: Bambusholz-Box für eine Weinflasche • 4 Schutzfüßchen sorgen für sicheren Stand ohne Verkratzen" ] [amazon box="B0081R6B8Y" title="Metall Weinflaschenhalter" description="Dieses niedliche Weinflaschenhalter-Liebespaar wurde liebevoll in Handarbeit aus Metall gelötet und geschmiedet." ]
Auch die richtige Verpackung ist wichtig

The right packaging is also important

wine glasses of all kinds, from noble to funny

If it should not be a wine directly, then perhaps an original wine glass is the suitable gift. Here too, there is a wide selection of different pieces to suit every taste. For the humorous wine connoisseur, who enjoys smiling and laughing as much as his glass of wine, especially the "Tipsy Wine Glasses" with their funny and at the same time likeable faces are a good idea. On the other hand, those who like it rather bizarre and unusual will prefer the upside-down wine glasses. Still others prefer their wine glass to be as noble as the wine itself. For example, glasses with a well-chosen Swarovski decoration are the perfect choice. And those who are particularly interested in personal touch will certainly be pleased to receive a wine glass with a personal engraving. Be it your own name or an individual dedication, with which the presentee associates a special memory.

Individuelle Weingläser als Geschenkidee

Individual wine glasses as a gift idea:

[amazon box="B07K1P4N4C" title="Große Burgunder Rot-Weingläser" description="Hochwertiges Glas bringt nicht nur den Inhalt der Gläser wunderschön zur Geltung, sondern macht sie auch extrem langlebig und widerstandsfähig gegen mechanische Beschädigungen oder Stumpfwerden." ] [amazon box="B074DWKR61" title="Rotweinkelch 517 ml, 6er Set" description="Rotweinglas mit moderner und markanter Form, flacher Kelchboden, edles bleifreies Kristallglas, unverkennbar klarer Klang, lang gezogener Kamin." ] [amazon box="B07K1MDMG5" title="Kleine Weiß-Weingläser" description="Elegante Gläser aus der SPLENDOUR-Kollektion bewähren sich perfekt zum Servieren von allen Arten von Weißwein." ] [amazon box="B013RYLLJ4" title="Weingläser zur Hochzeit mit Gravur" description="Das Set besteht aus zwei Weingläsern der Marke Leonardo. Darauf wird ein Taubenmotiv mit den Namen des Paares und dem Datum der Hochzeit graviert." ] [amazon box="B01GW80YEA" title="Stimmungsglas mit lustiger Gravur" description="Je nach Stimmung hat das Glas einen Markierungsstrich für gute, schlechte und ganz üble Tage." ] [amazon box="B00SIOK8ES" title="Weinglas mit Kussmund & Schnurrbartdekor" description="Schönes Weinglas-Set für Sie und Ihn: Das Weinglas Mr & Mrs mit Kussmund- & Schnurrbartdekor ist ein lustiges Gläser-Set für Zwei." ] [amazon box="B07R18HXDR" title="Weingläser Vintage Weinranke graviert mit Namen & Motiv" description="Qualitätsglas trifft hochwertige Lasergravur. Jedes unserer Weingläser stammt aus dem Traditionshause Leonardo." ] [amazon box="B06XD8WQDS" title="Unzerbrechliche Weingläser" description="Dieser Becher ist ein Plastikbecher, kein echtes Glas, er sieht aus wie echtes Gläser, aber unzerbrechlich und sicherer." ] [amazon box="B078YBYYJ8" title="Glas-Flaschenaufsatz mit Silikondichtung" description="Passend für fast alle Weinflaschen" ] [amazon box="B07CWTF2KM" title="Weingläser mit Einhorn Motiv" description="Die Geschenkidee für alle Einhorn-Fans! Ideal als Geschenk zum Geburtstag, Valentinstag oder zu Weihnachten" ]
Auch Weingläser eignen sich als Weingeschenk

Wine glasses are also suitable as wine gifts

Wine gift boxes and gift baskets

It is even nicer than a single bottle of wine, of course, if you get a whole wine gift pack, or gift basket. Because then you not only have your favourite wine to enjoy, but also all the ingredients you need to create an all-round enjoyable wine evening. Of course there are as many different wine gift boxes as there are different tastes. Particularly popular is the combination of a fine wine with an equally fine cheese, as well as exquisite nuts, finest chocolate, exotic fruits, homemade salami, or selected cigars. Of course, the ingredients for the right ambience should not be missing. Therefore we offer wine sets with romantic candles, fresh rose petals or elegant wine glasses.

Wein Geschenkpakete mit allem drum und dran

Wine gift packages with everything

A fine wine set can also consist of a select selection of several wines in stylish packaging, or a combination of wine bottles, corkscrew and wine glass. There are no limits to creativity.

Weinverköstigung direkt auf dem Weingut

Wine tasting directly at the winery

[amazon box="B076ZQGZ1N" title="Vintage Präsentkorb mit Weiß- und Rotwein" description="Optimales Geburtstagsgeschenk für Weinliebhaber mit 2 Weinsorten und leckeren Tartuffo." ]

[amazon box="B077KJZ78B" title="Wein Käse Geschenk" description="1 Flasche Cabernet Sauvignon aus Istrien und 4 Stück vom echten Pager Käse - PAŠKI SIR ca. 1100g" ]

[amazon box="B07TK9LHD5" title="Geschenkset Mailand" description="Geschenkkorb mit italienischem Wein und Lindt Pralinen" ]

[amazon box="B000VH1XDK" title="Geschenkset Wein zum Steak" description="Das ideale Geschenk für die Grillparty: je 200 ml BBQ-Senf Light my Fire und Hicks Whiskeysenf." ]

[amazon box="B00DQ5QTYC" title="Geschenkset Tavola Italiano" description=" Schönes Geschenk für viele Gelegenheiten,fix und fertig verpackt in edlem Geschenkkarton." ]

[amazon box="B01N75M9ZP" title="Geschenkset - Tapas & Wein" description="Verschiedene Delikatessen aus Spanien und Tempranillo Rotwein" ]

Weingeschenke für Paare

Wine gifts for couples

Personal and creative wine gifts

If a gift is not just a nice courtesy gesture and you would like to express the special connection between you and the recipient, then personalized wine gifts are particularly suitable. You can let your creativity run wild and customize your gift to convey the greatest possible message. Whether it is a corkscrew with a personal engraving, a wine glass with a hologram in the base or a wine bottle where you have designed and created the label yourself.

Weinflaschen mit selbstgestaltetem Ettikett als Geschenkidee

Wine bottles with self-designed label as gift idea

There are even wine gifts with a photo, where the image is also integrated as part of the bottle label, silhouetted directly into the glass or made part of the packaging as a greeting card, imprint on the wine box or in some other way. But whether you choose personalised wine gifts with engraving, with a personal slogan, with your own label or those you make yourself, the mere fact that you have personalised them will always go down well. As an additional inspiration we would like to introduce the idea of combining original wine gifts with creative photo gifts to create an individual gift box. And don't forget to wrap it all creatively at the end, for example with a self-designed wine gift box.

Personalisierte Weingeschenke zum Valentinstag

Personalised wine gifts for Valentine's Day

[amazon box="B07DQ7PTLL" title="Lieblingswein Geschenkset mit Namensgravur" description="Leonardo Lieblingswein Geschenkset für die beste Freundin mit Namensgravur auf Weingläsern in einzigartigem Geschenkkarton." ] [amazon box="B07N35HPB9" title="Wein Gastgeschenk zur Hochzeit mit Aufdruck der Namen" description="Der Bree Wein mit persönlichem Etikett ist ein besonders ausgefallenes Gastgeschenk zur Hochzeit mit tollem Design und Genuss." ] [amazon box="B074CG6531" title="Weinkiste aus Holz mit persönlicher Gravur" description="Die Kiste wird aus echtem Fichtenholz gefertigt und mit Glückwünschen graviert." ] [amazon box="B07V133WT2" title="Personalisiertes Etikett" description="Auf Wunsch direkt mit Winzerwein bestellbar." ]
Gestaltet euer persönliches Etikett für euren Lieblingswein

Design your personal label for your favourite wine

Cool and funny wine gifts for the small purse

Just because a gift is associated with wine does not mean it has to be expensive. On the contrary, there is a whole range of funny, cool and stylish wine gifts that you can buy for little money, but which are always well received. These include, for example, wine coolers decorated with funny sayings, vines to grow yourself, original bottle tops in the form of pointed caps, wild animals or males that look as though they have fallen headfirst into the wine bottle.

Lustige Weingeschenke

Funny wine gifts

There are also original corkscrews in all colours and shapes. Among them are those that look like water taps, like pirates, like pigs and even like unicorns. The list of practical, original and sometimes completely pointless but nevertheless funny wine accessories is long. Take a look at them and let yourself be inspired.

[amazon box="B07GB18Y8S" title=" Witzige Wein Socken" description="Witzige Socken mit der Aufschrift Wenn du das hier lesen kannst, bring mir Wein." ] [amazon box="B07JKVSX35" title="Herzschlag Wein T-Shirt" description="T-Shirt mit lustigem Aufdruck für Weinliebhaber" ] [amazon box="B07C63YRJ6" title="Festival Turnbeutel - Bitte nicht schubsen ich hab Wein im Beutel" description="Das mit Statement und Spruch verzierte Motiv eignet sich optimal zum Festival und ist ein Muss für alle Hipster." ] [amazon box="B004206YI6" title="Koch- und Grillschürze mit lustigem Spruch" description="Aufdruck: Ich liebe es mit Wein zu kochen. Manchmal gebe ich ihn sogar ins Essen." ] [amazon box="B00BTANP52" title="Das Weinquiz" description="Im Weinquiz erfahren Sie spielerisch alles rund um die Welt des Weins." ] [amazon box="B000FNI5HM" title=" Weinthermometer" description="Das Weinthermometer ist ein schönes Geschenk für Männer und Frauen die gerne Wein trinken." ] [amazon box="B01N4HO200" title="Dekantierer" description="Dekanter aus Kristallglas für Wein. Fassungsvermögen: 1200ml." ] [amazon box="B0749B531P" title="Flaschen-Licht" description="Lichter zu einer dekorativen und stimmungsvollen Beleuchtung im Urlaub und Freizeit. " ]
Praktische Geschenke für Weinliebhaber

Practical gifts for wine lovers

Wine experiences as a gift idea

There is hardly anything that gives more pleasure than a beautiful experience. This also applies to gift ideas around the topic of wine. Because especially here there is a multitude of unique and unforgettable experience gifts, with which you can make the eyes of the presentee shine. Especially when it comes to your partner, wine experiences are a particularly good choice. Because here you can combine relaxation, enjoyment and romance in a way that you rarely experience.

The best wine and spirits experiences as a gift idea

Eine Führung durch die Weinberge als Erlebnisgeschenk

A guided tour through the vineyards as an experience gift

Whether you are introduced to the high art of wine enjoyment at a wine seminar and learn about the history of the coveted drink. Or whether you can taste the finest wines of a region at a romantic wine tasting for two. Wine experiences are always a joy for all senses. Especially recommended in this area are also those offers where the enjoyment of wine is combined with other passions, such as a wine and cheese seminar or a wine and chocolate tasting. But also more unusual combinations of experiences such as a wine tasting with a Segway tour or castle visit, a wine tasting in the dark or a winemaking seminar are always well received.

Eine Führung durch ein altes Weingut als Erlebnisgeschenk

A guided tour through an old winery as an experience gift

Genuss pur auf einem Kurztrip für Weinliebhaber

Pure pleasure on a short trip for wine lovers

Order, pack and send wine gifts online

Once you have finally decided on your wine gift, the next steps are usually quite simple. You can order your gift directly from the links we have provided in this article, as well as from any other online shops you may have chosen yourself. Often there is also the possibility to have your wine gift beautifully wrapped by the dealer. You can usually choose from a variety of creative packaging options to choose the one that best suits your gift and the taste of the recipient. You can then send your wine gift online if you wish. It is more personal than sending them, of course, if you give them directly and with your own hands.

Weingenuss auf Italienisch

Wine enjoyment in Italian

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