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Salts from Schüssler

In the antagonist diagnosis, body signals are read out so that one knows which diseases and organ weaknesses a person has. The face diagnosis according to Dr. Schüssler is mainly concerned with determining mineral deficiencies in the body. Once the face signs have been used to identify which deficiencies are present, the appropriate Schüssler salts are selected, which can promise healing. With the help of tables, you as a patient can see which Schüssler salts you should buy to start a promising therapy. Here you can order Schüssler salts for example.

Mit Hilfe der Antlitzdiagnose lässt sich bestimmen, welche Schüssler Salze ein Patient braucht.

The face diagnosis helps to determine which Schüssler salts a patient needs.

Schüssler salts are also often used for weight loss and can achieve great results.

Bowel sanitation

If you have a face diagnosis made by a professional face diagnostician, it very often turns out that you should have a bowel cleansing or a kidney cleansing. This is because our modern lifestyle and especially our eating habits mean that we are working very hard at straining and overstraining our bowels and kidneys. The aim of an intestinal rehabilitation is therefore usually not to lose weight, but to reactivate your intestines so that they can once again use their full potential.

Der Darm leidet häufig unter unserer industriellen Ernährung und bedarf daher oft einer Darmsanierung.

The intestine often suffers from our industrial nutrition and therefore often needs intestinal rehabilitation.

Ear acupuncture

Often the face diagnosis with the special area of ear acupuncture is used. Ear acupuncture is a subspecies of traditional Chinese medicine, TCM, and shows clearly what acupuncture can do. In connection with face diagnosis it is mainly used to create a diagnosis of the patient by means of the reflex points. The stronger the patient feels pain when stimulating certain reflex points, the greater the strain on the organ or body area connected to it. So if you can assign pain points and organ correspondence to each other, ear acupuncture can help you to make a complete diagnosis.

Overview board for ear acupressure

Overview board for ear acupressure

How does the face diagnosis work?

Mit Hilfe der Antlitzdiagnose lassen sich Leberschäden am Gesicht erkennen.

With the help of face diagnosis, liver damage to the face can be detected. (Graphic: mvg publishing house)

The face diagnosis is not only about interpreting dark circles around the eyes, but all the wrinkles, facial discoloration, skin changes and other face signs. So you can quickly see if you have signs of an approaching arthrosis, for example. A very well known book deals exclusively with the topic of how to find the right Schüssler salts with the face diagnosis. These are also very well suited to detoxify the body after chemo. Often patients with anxiety states, headaches or migraines do not know why they have these ailments and find little help in normal orthodox medicine. Here, a face diagnosis can provide information as to why the alternative practitioner or doctor has not been able to find a causal factor to date. Of course there are many different types of diagnosis like bioresonance or measuring by kinesiology but the probably safest and oldest variant is the antltz analysis. We often believe that the face diagnosis refers only to the eyes and that the iris in particular is read out here. However, iris diagnostics is only a small part of face diagnostics, which in turn is only a part of body diagnostics. In order to assess a person holistically on the basis of the external appearance of his body and to recognize his state of health, the following types of diagnosis are available:

  • Tongue diagnostics
  • Lip diagnosis
  • Iris Diagnostics
  • Fingernail Diagnostics
  • Hand diagnostics
  • Foot diagnostics
  • Hair Diagnostics
  • Ophthalmic diagnostics
  • Dental Diagnostics

If you want to deal with the topic in more detail, it can be very helpful to take a Heilpraktiker training.

A basic guide to face diagnosis

Heiko Gärtner and Tobias Krüger have produced the most comprehensive book on face diagnosis to date. For a long time they have been dealing with naturopathy and its methods, such as bioresonance therapy, cupping, acupuncture, Schüssler salts, Bach flower therapy, phytotherapy and any homeopathic remedies. They were also very devoted to lymphatic drainage, ostheopathy, kinesiology, Dorn therapy and neural therapy. They themselves tried out, among other things, autohaemotherapy, leech therapy, acupressure and Kirlian photography.

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The way to learn the face diagnosis

Kleine Fältchen über dem Mund weisen mittels Antlitsdiagnose auf Magenprobleme hin.

Small wrinkles above the mouth indicate stomach problems by means of antilit diagnosis. (Graphic: mvg-Verlag)

Above all, they were interested in the different forms of diagnostics. Chinese facial diagnostics has always been fascinating for them. Although they did not attend a school for alternative practitioners, they travelled to countless primitive peoples to refine the facial diagnosis of Chinese medicine even further. They soon became specialists in the field of pathophysiognomics. At first they dealt with smaller everyday topics and the question of how these could be solved by natural remedies. Which Schüssler salts helped with bad breath, for example? They attended seminars on Schüssler salts and facial diagnosis. This was the first time they became aware that swollen bags under the eyes indicate problems with the kidneys. Red eyelids, on the other hand, indicate deficiency symptoms. The physiognomy of humans fascinated them more and more, and they started to create real cartographies of our outer appearance. Whether dark eyelids, a red face or small wrinkles over the lips, they all have antithetical features. Everything was meticulously noted down: A red face indicates a magnesium deficiency. Dark atria indicate a liver condition. At the same time, the face diagnosis led them to many healing methods such as nosode therapy, reflections, head zones and Bach flower therapy. They studied almost all acupuncture charts in order to be able to understand even more connections. But their specialty became the diagnosis of the face. They were fascinated how they could find out problems in the intestines, the spleen, the liver and also in the stomach by the facial diagnosis. During the research period they were often besieged by friends and asked which facial organ zones stood for what:

  • What does a spongy face say?
  • What does it mean when I am pale around the eyes?
  • What does it mean if I have wrinkles in front of my ear?
  • What does it indicate if I have sunken upper eyelids?
  • What does waxy skin indicate?
  • What do dark corners of the eyes indicate?
  • What are splenic wrinkles?
  • What do yellow-brown eyelids indicate?
  • Which organs are reflected in the face?
  • What causes wrinkled lips?
  • What do white rings under the eyes indicate?
  • What do cubic wrinkles around the eyes indicate?
  • What do fanned out wrinkles below the eyes indicate?
  • What can the face diagnosis tell me about my pimples?
  • Should I take Schüssler salts if I have swollen eyelids? If so, which ones?
  • What are the causes of sunken temples?
  • What causes wrinkles around the corner of the mouth?
  • Why does the nasiolabial fold point to the stomach and what does it say?
  • Why should I take Schüssler salts if my eyes are swollen?
  • Why can Schüssler salts help against swollen eyelids?
  • Can I learn about my character through facial diagnostics?
  • What do outer reddened eye corners say?
  • What does a waxy face say?
  • How are facial wrinkles and diseases related?
  • What does a red face and white circles under the eyes tell us?
  • What do the unsightly wrinkles in front of the ear say?
  • What do the vertical wrinkles directly at the ear say?
  • What do the vertical wrinkles on the upper lip say?
  • What do the wrinkles on the chin mean?
  • Which changes in which areas of the face indicate that the performance of the organs is impaired?
  • What does a narrow upper lip say?
  • What do the small wrinkles around the corner of the mouth say?
Mit Hilfe der Antlitzdiagnose lassen sich Krankheiten und Organschwächen am Gesicht erkennen

With the help of face diagnosis, diseases and organ weaknesses can be identified on the face (Graphic: mvg-Verlag)

Aims of the face diagnosis

The questions were almost endless and the answers were extensive and individual. For some, the Kneipp therapy was perfect, while the coarse pores of others were best treated with special Schüssler salts. We were often asked whether Schüssler salts can also be harmful.

Kleine verhärtete Schwellungen an den oberen Augenlidern weisen in der Antlitzdiagnostik auf eine Cholesterinstörung hin.

Kleine verhärtete Schwellungen an den oberen Augenlidern weisen in der Antlitzdiagnostik auf eine Cholesterinstörung hin. (Grafik: mvg-Verlag)

In order to be able to answer the questions precisely and correctly, a sound initial diagnosis must first be made on the basis of the organ zones in the face. For us it was not important whether the facial diagnosis was taught according to TCM, Schüssler Salts or by a native clan. In the end, we wanted to write down the simplest body signals in order to bring them closer to the layman. Face diagnosis is by far not only about interpreting facial wrinkles and assigning Schüssler salts to a sign like swollen eyelids. It is much more about obtaining a holistic picture of the human being and understanding the connections between all processes on the physical, mental and spiritual level. On this basis it can then be decided how the application of Schüssler salts is correct, which homeopathic remedies should be given, which fears, blockages and traumas need to be solved, which organs require special attention for regeneration, which conflict systems lie behind everything, which may still be acute, when is fasting advisable, which minerals are missing in the body and which aspects of the patient are the first to be healed at this moment. For example, what does the body need in the case of neurodermatitis? Here we normally treat the skin first, as this is the place where the treatment takes place. Often, however, the disease is based on a psychological conflict and if this conflict is not resolved, any treatment of the skin is just a drop in the ocean.

Unser Gesicht zeigt spezifische Antlitzzeichen, wenn unsere Niere belastet ist.

Our face shows specific face signs when our kidney is stressed. (graphic: mvg publishing house)

A naturopathy practice is only as good as the form of diagnosis it uses

What if, a therapist determines the wrong facts and for example the wrong acupuncture points are pricked? Can he really be helpful then? Or does he perhaps do even more harm to his patient than he already has? The good news first of all is that, unlike with the wrong operation or treatment with the wrong chemical medicines, with the wrong acupuncture, the wrong Schüssler salts, the wrong Bachblpüten and the like, you cannot break anything. To prick a wrong acupuncture point is generally no more dangerous than to prick your finger with a needle. But it is also not more healing and therefore cannot achieve a positive effect beyond a pure placebo effect. For this very reason it is essential that everyone who wants to heal should undergo training in face diagnosis or facial diagnosis. It is just not enough to know the effect of Schüssler salts if you are not aware of what the patient needs because you do not know what exactly is missing. Which Schüssler salts do I need if I noticed the dark circles around the eyes or the wrinkles in the mouth during the face diagnosis? These questions have to be mastered in the face diagnosis of the wrinkles from the FF. Whether this means that the patient should take ferrum phosphoricum or a combination of Schuessler salts like 4 9 10 or 5 9 10 is not important. If the facial diagnosis has not been interpreted perfectly, it can happen that the client is prescribed the wrong preparations. Whether this happens with the face diagnosis of the liver or the kidney is irrelevant. Here there is no bad or even worse. Wrong is just wrong. In the naturopathy practice one has to work just as finely as in allopathic medicine. The facial diagnosis of wrinkles is a high art that has been practiced for many hundreds of years only by the most experienced medical professionals. Within the Chinese medical framework, face diagnosticians are only allowed to issue their first prescriptions after about twelve years of training. Whether this is for the metabolism or which Schüssler salts should be prescribed for red spots on the face, is irrelevant. So there are many efficacy studies for Schüssler salts, but if the therapist does not make the right dosages and the perfect choice, no cure can occur.

Nur mit einem zuverlässigen Diagnoseverfahren wie der Antlitzdiagnostik kann die Homöopathie Heilerfolge erzielen.

Only with a reliable diagnostic procedure such as face diagnosis can homeopathy achieve healing success.

Learning the basic knowledge for a healing activity

Exactly for this reason you should be well trained in at least one in the field of face analysis and additionally master a suitable healing method from the FF. For the layman I would suggest the combination of face analysis with the healing therapy of acupressure or Schüssler salts. On the one hand it is very easy to learn how to use the Schüssler salts and on the other hand it is difficult to overdose them. There are also rarely new Schüssler salts available so that you do not have to attend a continuing education. There are also many Schüssler Salts therapists who are happy to share their knowledge with you. The explanation of the different Schüssler salts can easily be found in a book or can be picked up during a course. The meaning of the individual Schüssler salts is mostly very easy to understand, furthermore there are many schools worldwide which offer a profound education in this field. So every single Schüssler salt has its own explanation. Anthroposophical medicine is often not as difficult as one might think.

Die Hautdiagnostik ist eine Form der Antlitzdiagnose, bei der vor allem der Zustand und die Beschaffenheit der Haut untersucht wird. (Grafik: mvg-Verlag)

Skin diagnostics is a form of face diagnosis, in which especially the condition and texture of the skin is examined. (Graphic: mvg-publishing house)

Of course you should make sure that you use the original Schüssler salts, because unfortunately there are many cheap imitations on the market today that look like Schüssler salts, but do not have the healing effects like the original recipes. However, if you know what a patient has and which Schüssler salts are suitable for healing, you can treat almost everything with them. There are Schüssler salts for smoking cessation, for tear sacs, for rings under the eyes, for potassium deficiency, for gum loss, for bad breath, for age spots, for swollen eyes, for wrinkles on the upper lip, for drooping eyelids, for tear sacs, for liver spots, for drooping eyelids, for calcium deficiency, for a sunken face, for eyelid twitching, for dry skin, for swollen eyelids, for rings under the eyes, for swelling, for red eyes, for red spots on the face, for a red face, for a double chin, for hair on the face and much more. The range is almost infinite. Of course you have to learn what effects result from the combination of different Schüssler salts. For example, what happens if Sodium Chloratum, Phosporicum, argentum nitiricum or Potassium Chloratum are taken and what interactions occur when they are combined? In contrast to chemical drugs, where there is no computer in the world that is able to calculate all possible interactions and side effects on the body, the consequences of a Schüssler salt combination are rather low-risk. Therefore the mineral salts are probably the easiest form of therapy for the layman to learn. Furthermore, as a therapist you can easily order the Schüssler salts online. So you can be trained in seminars about Schüssler salts according to the teachings of Carl Hüter and/or Kurt Hickethier. Combining the face agnosis with Schüssler salts is truly an ideal first step into TCM facial diagnostics for the layman and thus into traditional Chinese medicine itself. Just check if there is a lecture about Schüssler salts in your area. Let yourself be inspired. The therapy with Schüssler salts is so easy that you need only little training to treat yourself and others successfully. In addition you will find in almost every book about Schüssler salts a clear and concise list of what you should prescribe for which ailment.

  • Schüssler salts for swellings
  • Schüssler salts for bad breath
  • Schüssler salts for potassium deficiency
  • Schüssler salts for stomach problems
  • Schüssler salts against swollen eyes
  • Schüssler salts against eye rings and lachrymal sacs
  • Schüssler salts against eye rings and lachrymal sacs
  • Schüssler salts against old under eyes
  • Schüssler salts by folding
  • Schüssler salts for eye rings
  • Schüssler salts for calcium deficiency
  • Schüssler salts for swollen eyes
  • Schüssler salts Zanhfleisch decline
  • Schüssler salts blue circles under the eyes
  • Schüssler salts brown circles under the eyes
Die Antlitzdiagnose ist eines der sichersten Diagnoseverfahren die es gibt, da alles an mehreren Stellen im Körper überprüft werden kann.

Face diagnosis is one of the safest diagnostic procedures available, because everything can be checked at several places in the body.

How do I become a face analyst or face diagnostician?

Of course it is also possible to learn TCM therapy, the art of acupuncture massage according to Penzel or acupuncture directly. However, the effort is many times higher. Here you should be aware that learning the antlic analysis in connection with the therapy form of the Schüssler salts is the easiest form of further education. Therefore you should first go through the face diagnosis step by step and internalize it. Start with the face analysis of the eyes, then take the face analysis of the dark circles and so on and so on. Finally, you will have completely understood the eye and its information. Once you have internalized the facial diagnosis of the eyes, turn to the other forms of diagnosis:

  • Facial diagnosis of the nose
  • Face diagnosis cheek
  • Face diagnosis chin
  • and so on, just as you've explored the whole face.

Learning the face diagnosis

The best way to learn face analysis is to use pictures. The more examples you have seen of face agnosis, the faster you will recognize the signs on your patients or yourself. If you want to accept the face diagnosis in home study, a book with many example pictures and graphics is most important. Since face diagnosis often involves wrinkles, the pictures about face diagnosis should be as fine and clean as possible. These are exactly the points we have emphasized in our new work. The wrinkles tell you which Schüssler salts you should give the customer. Of course it is best to always include the appropriate explanation when giving Schüssler salts, so that the patient not only gets a remedy but also understands the context of his illness. Explain exactly how the effect of Schüssler salts will be, so that the patient can adjust to the changes. No matter if you prescribe Schüssler salt 29 or Schüssler salt 28, for the customer this is just a number. This is exactly the reason why you should make the patient aware of what is triggered by the intake. If you explain the Schüssler salts well, we find that the clients are much better able to fall into the therapy process and the intake is much less forgotten.

Mit der Gesichtsdiagnostik lassen sich Krankheiten am Gesicht erkennen.

With facial diagnostics, diseases can be detected on the face.

Which requirements do I have to meet for a training as face diagnostician in combination with Schüssler salts?

The basic training for Schüssler salts in Germany is not only reserved for physicians. In order to be allowed to administer the high doses of Schüssler salts, you only have to attend a school for alternative practitioners to obtain the title of alternative practitioner. It is not difficult to learn the art of Schüssler salts after the training as a non-medical practitioner. You will soon know which Schüssler salts are good for the lungs, the ears, for swellings and other aches and pains. At the beginning posters for Schüssler salts can help you, where it is described in short and concise words, for which illness something should be administered.

Where can I get support for my learning process?

If there are still open questions after the training, you can also get help online in a portal for Schüssler salts and in forums about face diagnosis. There is always a therapist who knows what you do not know yet. Whether this concerns the question which Schüssler salts you should give when a patient has dry red eyes or when white circles under the eyes indicate a potassium deficiency and you do not know how to get a grip on it. No matter if it is about supplement salts or high-dose preparations, you will always find a well-founded answer in the forum of specialists. The group of friends of Schüssler salts is mostly very open and helps each other.

How does it go wiser after the training?

Physiognomy in connection with face diagnosis is probably one of the most exciting topics we have ever taken up. The diagnosis of the face can be divided into organ zones. On the face there are so-called reflex zones which depict the condition of the organs. By analyzing the face, one can then identify which diseases could occur in the near or distant future. Our book on facial diagnosis provides information on how to recognize the signs of disease. Soon you will know the meaning of the facial wrinkles from the FF. But you will also soon know which Schüssler Salt has what meaning in it and what effect it has. You will soon notice that you are not only enthusiastic about the Asian healing methods, but also want to know more about the different forms of healing. To interpret the countenance signs in connection with the Schüssler salts will only be the beginning for you. The physiognomy will send you as a diagnostician on a long path of knowledge. Soon you will recognize what your illness wants to tell you. So you will become the tracker of the disease. You will be able to interpret bodily signals and soon you will see the psychosomatic nature of the illness flashing before your eyes.

Antlitzdiagnostik, Zungendiagnostik, Handdiagnostik, Ohrreflexzonendiagnostil und Hautdiagnostik sind einige er Formen der Körperdiagnostik.

Face diagnostics, tongue diagnostics, hand diagnostics, ear reflexology and skin diagnostics are some of the forms of body diagnostics. (graphic components: mvg-publishing house)

Which Schüssler salts should I give for stomach problems, which Schüssler salts for swelling, rings under the eyes or receding gums? Whether you see red spots on your face, vertical wrinkles above the upper lip or vertical wrinkles on the lower lip, everything will tell you a story about the person. Reading faces will be the easiest thing in the world for you. Soon you will know what TCM prescribes for lachrymal sacs, which Schüssler salts are recommended for gum problems. The physiognomy will captivate you and as soon as you can read the first face signs you will want more. You will look at pictures and train yourself to find out which Schüssler salts to administer based on the face analysis. Face diagnosis will become a good friend for you. Circles under the eyes are no longer circles under the eyes but rather heralds of how the body is doing and which Schüssler salts it needs. You will be able to see pictures to help you remember which Schüssler salts are needed and when. This colouring indicates that this organ is affected and this must be visualized. You will study the TCM zones of the face. Schüssler Salts and Face Analysis will no longer be two different arts for you, but one. Administering Schüssler Salts will soon mean reading the face to see what the patient needs. You will attend Schüssler courses to soak up even more of the healing formulas. It will inspire and fascinate you at the same time. We wish you a lot of fun with our book about the diagnosis of the face and the psychological causes of the illness.

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More books on face diagnosis that we can recommend:

[amazon box="3920788540" title="Erkenne die Zeichen deines Körpers" description="Hans-Dieter Bach praktizierte Antlitzdiagnose mit verblüffender Treffsicherheit. Hier lernt man die Zeichen zu erkennen und zu deuten." ]

[amazon box="392078832X" title="Antlitzdiagnostik: Äußere Kennzeichen innerer Erkrankungen" description="Das Äußere des menschlichen Körpers ist wie ein Atlas des gesamten Organismus. Auch schwere Erkrankungen wie Krebs zeichnen sich schon Jahre vor ihrem Ausbruch deutlich sichtbar an der Haut, der Zunge oder den Nägeln ab" ]

[amazon box="3920788346" title="Antlitzdiagnostik: Äußere Kennzeichen innerer Erkrankungen, Bd.2, Krankheit und Zunge" description="Nach einer Beobachtungszeit von über zwanzig Jahren an Zehntausenden von Patienten gibt H.-D. Bach die leicht erlernbare Zungen-Diagnostik an alle Interessierten weiter." ]

Our other books:

[amazon box="3868826998" title="Die natürliche Heilkraft der Bäume" description="Heiko Gärtner und Tobias Krüger lehren in diesem innovativen Ratgeber Techniken, mit denen der Leser die Kraft und Energie der Bäume zur Selbstheilung nutzen kann. Dieses Buch ist ein Wegweiser, wie man die Natur wieder als Mentor, Lehrmeister und Heiler annehmen und so das Prinzip von Gesundheit, Krankheit und Heilung neu verstehen kann. " ]

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