Zyxel WAH7608 mobile LTE router under test

Since we set off again in January for our second round of world travel, we have had a mobile LTE router in our luggage. This is a small box into which you insert a standard SIM card with data volume. It then converts the LTE signal into a w-LAN signal which can then be received and used by up to 32 devices. So this is the first time we have entered the world of mobile Internet ourselves. And with astonishing success. Only six months later we would not want to miss it any more. Therefore we would like to introduce our little practical helper called Zyxel WAH7608.

Setup and installation of the Zyxel WAH7608

Setting up the small device is relatively simple, even without much previous experience. To insert the SIM card, loosen the cover on the back with your fingernails and remove the battery. Underneath it there are two card slots with one fuse cover each that can be opened by pushing it backwards slightly. One of them is for a SIM card and the other one for an SD card.

Using the w-LAN router as data storage

An SD card is not absolutely necessary for using the device, but it enables another practical function as data storage. This means that if you insert an SD card, you can later store data on the Zyxel via the w-LAN connection, for example as a backup. The only disadvantage, for travelers like us, is that we store our LTE router together with our notebooks in the same laptop bag. The backup is therefore not particularly secure in this case. Unless something is broken at the computer.

Mobiler LTE Router Zyxel WAH im Test

Mobile LTE Router Zyxel WAH under test

Choose the right SIM card for mobile Internet

The SIM card, on the other hand, is required to use the data volume available on it. This is because the LTE router naturally needs a source from which it can obtain the LTE quota, which it then redistributes as a w-LAN signal.

When choosing the right SIM card, we can only recommend that you take a really close look and have various offers given to you, which you can then compare with each other. Because here there are such immense differences in the price-performance ratio that you can hardly imagine. Unfortunately, when it comes to LTE connections, Germany is now something of a Third World country. In a European comparison, we are pretty much at the bottom of the league when it comes to good and affordable offers.

LTE offers in international comparison

Here is just a brief overview of what we have been able to find out so far. At the time we were looking into buying a SIM card in Germany (as of January 2019), ALDI-Talk had the cheapest offer. Here you got 2 GB data volume for 7.90 per month. In Austria, you could get 5-10 GB data volume for only two Euros more at the same time. This sounds like a significant leap, but it is nothing compared to the tariff we were able to get in Italy.

Here we have been using a wind it offers for four months now, where we can use 100 GB data volume per month for almost 20 €. So you can see that the extent to which you can use LTE varies considerably from country to country. Unfortunately, there is still the good old roaming regulation in the field of mobile internet which has been abolished for making phone calls in the meantime. This means that we can only use the large data volume as long as we are actually in Italy. If we leave the country, it will also be limited again to 3 GB.

Eignet sich der mobile LTE Router WAH von Zyxel auch für den Urlaub

Is the mobile LTE router WAH7608 from Zyxel also suitable for holidays

Where is it useful to work with LTE?

In our view, Internet use via LTE is therefore particularly interesting for long-term travelers. Find out exactly what the situation is for mobile Internet in the country in question and whether it makes sense to use it or whether you should concentrate on connecting to local w-LAN networks. (You can find more information on this topic in the article "Using the Internet while travelling")

Installing the SIM card

To set up your Zyxel WAH7608, you must now turn it on. If you have purchased a new SIM card, it will usually be secured with a pin that you need to turn off first. The easiest way to do this is to use the appropriate smartphone app.

Setup with the Zyxel LTE-Alley App

In order to facilitate the setup of the mobile LTE router, Zyxel has developed its own app that guides you through the installation in a relatively clear and structured manner. You can download it here via the Google Play Store for Android or under this link: For Mac you can find it here under this link or on iTunes or in the Apple Store. Here you can also find the manuals, instructions and software updates.  
Portabler LTE Router von Zyxel

Portable LTE Router from Zyxel

The first steps

Once you have installed the app, you will need to log your smartphone into the w-LAN network of your LTE router. The login details will appear on the router's display. Here you will see both the name and the corresponding password, which is required. Alternatively, in most cases you can also press the WPA button to set up an automatic connection.

Then open the app and let it guide you through the program. At first, you will be asked for a password, which is set to "1234" by default. You can change this password in the next step and replace it with a secure password, which should contain at least 8 characters, including at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and a number.

In the next step you will be asked to enter the PIN code of your SIM card.

If everything fits, you will be taken to the home page of your app, which will show you the connection status, the number of connected devices, and more information. From there you will be directed to the corresponding menu areas, where you can switch your PIN on and off, change the w-LAN password and give the signal generated by the router its own name.

Zyxel WAH als mobiler LTE Router für Langzeitreisende

Zyxel WAH as mobile LTE router for long-term travellers

Our conclusion after the first half year

Since we have been in Italy and have our 100 GB LTE a month available, our Zyxel WAH7608 has been in almost continuous use. So far it has never disappointed us. The battery life is a good 10 hours when we use the transmitted signal with two computers and two smartphones. The reception is mostly stable and the transmission still works quite well even in monasteries with meter-thick stone walls. All around a device that we can definitely recommend.

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Daily stages

Stage for the 1st day: 18 km, 260 m difference in altitude, finish: community halls under the church, Montalbano Jonico, Italy Stage 2: 20 km, 260 m difference in altitude, finish: Church youth centre "Padre Minozzi", Policoro, Italy    

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