The most beautiful beaches of Italy

Italy is mainly known as a holiday destination. Which is no wonder, since the country actually consists only of coast, mountains and cultural assets. In other words, everything you could wish for on holiday. Unfortunately, this has resulted in the country being so overcrowded with tourism that it is actually almost just one big mass tourism circus. We have now hiked a total of many hundreds of kilometres along the Italian coast and have thus got a pretty good overview of where it is particularly beautiful and where one should rather stay away. Here are now our tips on this topic, as well as an overview of the most beautiful beaches of Italy.

Massentourismus am Strand

Mass tourism on the beach

Cinque Terre and the cliffs to the north

The region around Genova is mainly characterized by its steep coast. The most famous place here is the Cinque Terre, which exudes a very special charm with its colourful houses and small alleys. There are only a few sandy beaches here and often the traffic is built very close to the water. But it is one of the few regions in Italy where you can still find really original and lonely places by the sea. So if you prefer it a little more rugged, but more rustic and lonely, this is the place for you!

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

Cultural highlights at and in the sea

The east coast in the northern area looks completely different. Here, everything is flat and the land slowly turns into a swamp area towards the sea. There are only few beaches here and those that are found are mostly artificial. Bibione is a very good example of this. However, there are some of the most beautiful and famous cultural assets of Italy and perhaps even Europe in this area. First of all, of course, Venice, the city that was simply built in the middle of the sea. But also Padua, Ravenna, Trieste and some others.



Famous is not just beautiful

The most famous beaches here are between Bibione and Cattolica. Rimini in particular is the epitome of summer holidays. However, this is a real question of taste, as mass tourism in its most extreme form is prevalent here. We were still there out of season and still, the beach guests lay crowded together like sardines under their sunshades. Thus, those who like a lot of proximity and parties at nights are in good hands here. But those who are longing for relaxation and recreation will get a nasty surprise here, at least during the main season.

Strand von Rimini

Beach of Rimini

Underestimated beaches in Marche and Abruzzo

Even though we have never heard of them before, we have meanwhile found out that the beaches in Marche and Abruzzo are much more beautiful than their famous neighbours in the north. Also here, one still finds some big areas where one lies squeezed together like sardines under one's parasol. But there are much more free beaches where you can simply lie down with your towel or your own sun bed. Also, the coastal roads are much less frequented here. But what is important is to check the map first how far the motorway and the train line are from the beach. This can vary a lot from place to place and if you are unlucky, you will end up sunbathing on a hard shoulder or a siding. But with a little feeling for geography, it is easy to find places where one really has peace.

Küste von Abruzzen

coast of Abruzzen

In addition, both domestic and foreign tourism is so widely spread here that despite the large number of people, it no longer feels like a shooting match. Everyone has their own place and you can switch between society and seclusion at will.

Süditalienische Küste

South Italian coast

In addition, Marken in particular also offers a number of sights. From the beach you can reach the mountainous hinterland in a few minutes by car or bus. Here you can visit for example Ossimo or Loreto, where there are cathedrals, underground caves, sanctuaries, old towns and old castles and palaces.

Italienische Kleinstadt

Italian town

Historic Puglia

Puglia is the part of Italy known on the map as the heel of the shoe. It has a special position in many ways. On one hand, it mainly consists on a flat plain that only ends directly at the heel again in a small mountain range. Here, sanctuaries and historical places are lined up like hardly anywhere else in Italy. The most important and famous of them are San Giovanni Rotonda and Monte Sant Angelo. The former was once the centre of life of Padre Pio, probably the most popular saint in Italy. Monte Sant Angelo, on the other hand, is an ancient holy place where the archangel Michael was once sighted. In his honour, a temple complex has been built here, almost entirely underground in the caves of the mountain. Both places of worship are unique in their own way worldwide.

Monte Sant Angelo

Monte Sant Angelo

At the bottom of the mountain there are also some sandy beaches that are widely unknown and therefore also exceptionally quiet and pristine. They are also definitely worth a visit.

Italienisches Hinterland

Italian backcountry

Traditional beauties in the south of Calabria

Calabria is actually mainly characterized by its high mountains and its inhospitable geography. But especially in the south there are some idyllic harbour and fishing villages, each with a small sandy beach. If you want to experience a touch of the original Italian flair during your holiday, which we still know from old movies, you should visit this region in particular.

Südküste Kalabrien

South coast of Calabria

Kalabriens Küste

Calabria coast

  The slogan of the day: Summer, sun, beach and sea 1st stage goal of the day: Capuchin monastery, Civitanova Alta, Italy 2nd day's destination: Parish home, Porto San Giorgio, Italy 3rd day's stage destination: Pfarrheim, Pedaso, Italy 4th day's destination: Parish home, San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy  

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