Do ghosts really exist? And what are ghosts anyway?

Are ghosts just a myth or do they really exist?

In the course of our journey we came across the topic of ghosts again and again for various reasons. Always the same central questions arose: Are there ghosts? Do ghosts really exist? And if so: What are ghosts then? Are they monsters from another world or the lost souls of our dead? How do ghosts arise? Why are there some places that are really haunted and others where you cannot even imagine the existence of ghosts?

Stories, tales and legends about ghosts and ghosts have existed for many millennia in all cultures all over the world. Even today, people still report again and again that they have met ghosts or that they have been able to contact deceased people. At the same time there are investigations of dead people with the so-called Kilian photography, in which one can make the energy body of the human being visible. This makes it possible in a certain way to observe the soul of a person. In the experiments one could see that this disappears quite quickly in a naturally dead person. Within a few hours, therefore, nothing is visible anymore. In a tragic accident, on the other hand, it takes days, and in the case of murder or suicide, even weeks. All this indicates that there are indeed beings who still linger on earth without a physical body and who are quite capable of communicating with us.

Gibt es Geister wirklich? Wenn ja, wie wird man ein Geist?

Do ghosts really exist? If so, how do you become a ghost?

What are ghosts?

So if we now assume that there are such things as spirits, the next question that arises is what exactly a spirit is. There are also different theories, approaches and stories about this. Therefore we have started to look at the question of ghost phenomena in different cultures. In doing so we found that there are always points where they agree or almost agree. In the following article we have compiled a list of the points on which most religions and philosophies agree.

Of course, what is written here must not be true, because we are dealing here with an area that most people cannot perceive and for which there is little factual evidence. It is much more a sketch of what the spirit world would most likely look like if the scholars and spiritual masters are not mistaken. If you have any experiences or interesting facts on this subject, we look forward to your comments.

What happens after death?

While our physical body decays after our death and is transformed into other forms of energy, our subtle body returns to its original source, i.e. to God. There it gets into a kind of washing machine. So it is cleansed of our memories of our former lives. The energies and life themes from this world are washed away, while we can look at our life again from a different perspective. But what exactly happens depends on the way we died. Once we have fulfilled our life's task and left the earth in peace with ourselves, we start a free, new life. But if we have not fulfilled our task and were for the most part not in love when we died, then we get the opportunity for a new start through death. This means that we can now approach the same subject again in a different way.

Über das Leben nach dem Tod gibt es viele Vorstellungen und Legenden, aber was geschieht wirklich?

There are many ideas and legends about life after death, but what really happens?

Are we being punished for our sins?

In many religions this is seen as a kind of punishment because we have not lived "well" or "right". However, this is a mistaken belief. Everything is love and there is no old, bearded man in heaven who is vengeful and punishes us for our sins. Death is much more a support we get when we have become too lost in a direction from which we see no way out. If we were immortal, we might run into the same wall for all eternity without ever finding a solution. But death enables us to wake up and look at things from above. So we can see that this wall is not very helpful.

New life, new happiness

Afterwards we can try to solve the task in other ways, so that we can reach our goal more easily. This is especially the case with suicide. So then, when we ourselves pull the emergency brake, because we can no longer cope with the tasks we are given in our current life. From our present perspective we see no other way out than to end our life and start a new one. Of course, this does not spare us the task of finding a solution, but we can try it again in another way.

Gibt es wirklich so etwas wie die Hölle, in der wir für unsere Sünden bestraft werden?

Is there really such a thing as hell, where we are punished for our sins?

Taking unresolved giving up into new life

If we are very far away from love at the time of our death, it is possible that in our next life we will receive very strong love messengers and signposts right from the beginning. These can take the form of disabilities or congenital, chronic diseases. But they can also take the form of extreme family systems, such as extreme poverty, beating or raping parents or similar conditions, which we often find unfair if we do not understand them. But this gives us another opportunity to work on the topics of the last lives and here we come back to the spirits.

How does a soul become a spirit?

Warum wird ein Mensch zum Geist?

Why does a person become a ghost?

If we decide in the hereafter that we are not ready to enter a new, earthly life, then our subtle body can become a kind of spirit. The open life themes, the attachment to non-love and those parts of our being that we have previously denied ourselves become present and put our ethereal body into a lower energy vibration, so that it becomes black. This does not mean that we are now evil, devilish or demonic, we are just on a different level of learning.

Reasons for the existence of a ghost

This existence of spirits is especially likely if we had many unfulfilled wishes at the time of our death, the fulfillment of which we have blown away. If we have mainly lived in negative thoughts and therefore have created a negative world with negative experiences, this can also be a reason for a ghost existence. The same applies to cases where we have caused suffering to others and thus burdened ourselves with guilt.

Even in the opposite case, that is, when we have sacrificed ourselves for others and have blown away our self-love, it can happen that we are not ready for the step into the hereafter. But it can also happen that in all our past lives we have become so caught up in our tasks and life themes that we cannot believe that another attempt would help us. We are aware that in a new life we would run into the same dead ends again and therefore decide to try it in a completely different way.

Learning as a Spirit

As spirit we now have the possibility to take the learning steps in the hereafter that we could not take in this world. But for this we need a human being or another being to help us as a mirror partner.

In order to be able to learn, the spirit needs a person who now also has life themes in this world which he cannot resolve and which fit in with those of the spirit. We then call this meeting between the spirit and the human being occupation. But this is neither a punishment nor an attack, but a learning partnership, which however can only work when we understand it.

Mirror partnership between spirit and host

The mirror partnership between a ghost and a human being works very much like the one between two people. Assuming we have a big issue with a lack of trust and live in constant fear of being abandoned, we will always attract people into our lives who will make this fear clear and bring it to our attention. We have friends we cannot rely on, attract partners who are unfaithful or who make us so jealous that we might go crazy. Perhaps our children also leave us or we keep losing contact with the people who are important to us.

The Guilt Perspective

Now we have two ways of dealing with this. We can look at the situation from the perspective of right and wrong, guilt and innocence, good and evil, and ask ourselves what's wrong with all these assholes that keep abandoning us. Appropriately, we can also judge ourselves and ask ourselves what is wrong with us, that everyone hates us because we are simply not lovable.

The Mirror Perspective

The other possibility is to look at the situation from the perspective of the mirror laws and ask what stimulus-response mechanisms are at work here. As painful as these experiences may be for us, they do not serve to hurt us, but to help us find the hidden fear of loss, to perceive it, to acknowledge it and transform it into basic trust. In this way, every person we ever meet in our lives is a mirror partner, pointing us to our own unresolved and unconscious fears, blockages and life issues. The more we experience a person as unpleasant, disgusting or repulsive, the greater and more central is the topic that he or she points out to us.

Mirror partnership with ghosts

A mirror partnership with an occupying spirit works on the same principle. Of course, an occupation is often anything but pleasant, just as a cold, a broken leg or an annoying neighbour is not exactly pleasant. Nevertheless they all serve our own personal development. Neither the sniffles, nor the broken leg, nor the neighbor, nor the ghost, nor we ourselves are good or bad at this. They are messengers, partners and companions on our way to the expansion of unconditional love. In doing so, everyone always receives the signposts, partners and pointers that will bring him or her the greatest chance of learning success at that moment.

This also applies to the relationship between spirits and occupied. If, for example, I have lived a life with an unbalanced, loveless sexuality, then I may come as a ghost to a person who denies sexuality and does not want to live it at all. In this way, spirit and human being can learn from each other, so that a loving sexuality can develop. You can find more about castings in our articles "What are castings" and "How can you recognize a cast?

Poltergeister halten ein Haus besezt

Poltergeists occupy a house

Differently strong spirits

Just as there are spirits of different strength among men, there are also spirits of different power. Accordingly, these spirits can also intervene in people's lives to varying degrees. None of these spirits, not even the most powerful, is evil. Nevertheless, they can be dangerous for us human beings in different ways. It is like the animal kingdom. There are no evil animals, but there are animals that can become quite dangerous for a person if he does not know how to deal with them. Even with us humans it is nothing different. For example, if I attract a psychopathic killer because of my life themes, my thought orientation and my beliefs, it does not mean that this person is evil. He is as much involved in his life themes as I am in mine, and he too only follows the law of attraction and mirroring. Nevertheless, an encounter with him can very well end fatally.

Balance between the strength of the spirit and the human

It is no different with occupants and ghosts, although there is a mechanism here, due to the mirror laws, that leads to the fact that there is not too much danger. To understand this, one can compare the occupations a bit with a computer game. For example, there is a power level scale of 1-10. A person who has never dealt with unconditional love, neither consciously nor unconsciously and therefore has little power over his own consciousness, is at level one. A master in the matter of love and the understanding of God is at level ten. The same distribution of levels also exists in the spirits that can occupy a person. However, each spirit always needs a suitable mirror partner, that is, a partner who is on the same level as himself.

A level 10 ghost would kill a level one human instantly, similar to a bear that hits a child with its paw. But neither of them would have any learning effect. The ghost would have to find a new partner immediately and the person would have to start his life all over again. Conversely, a ghost of level 1 would hardly have a chance of a longer occupation partnership with a person of level 10, as the latter would immediately recognize and shake him off or block him from the outset.

Weil wie sie nicht vertehen, sind Besetzungen durch Geister für uns oft angsteinflößend.

Because as they do not understand, occupations by spirits are often frightening for us.

Different wavelengths

It is similar with humans. When we meet other people who, for example, get upset about something that seems like a trifle to us, we are just as uninterested in it as when it is about a subject that is too high for us to understand. We then say that we are simply not on the same wavelength and therefore there is no real encounter. And that is exactly what it is. We are on different wavelengths, i.e. on different energy levels and therefore we don't get in each other's way. Only when we vibrate in the same or a similar field, there is an encounter. Unless, of course, we attract exactly this experience and our learning success lies in the fatal outcome of the situation. But if this is the case, then the encounter with the mirror partner was also successful from the overall perspective.

How do strong, powerful spirits arise?

If the power of a being depends on its ability to love to merge with the God-consciousness, then there should actually be no powerful spirits, because everyone who has strengthened his spirit in his earthly life should automatically become a light being. Because every kind of magic, healing and development only works when it serves the expansion of love.

In order to understand this, one must first recognize that there are two different kinds of love expansion.

Direct love extension

The first way is that of the sacred, but also that of all animals and plants, that is, the natural, original way of extending love. The saint recognizes that he is a part of creation and thus also a part of God. He gives himself to unconditional love, which means that he dissolves his own ego, loves everything equally and directs all his wishes and actions towards the good of the collective, because he knows that he himself is also this collective. He strives to create a paradise for all, of which he is a part and in which he can live.

Indirect love expansion

The second way is that of the sorcerer, the magician or manipulator. It arises from the fact that we have already lost a part of our basic trust and our connection to God. The sorcerer recognizes that he is God, but does not give up his own ego. Instead he tries to create a paradise for himself. He knows that he is almighty, but still feels separated from the rest of creation. Thus he does not live in the confidence that the others are also capable of creating paradise. Therefore he does not use his ability in the sense of the common good, but tries to create the world as he thinks it would be ideal.

Power mixed with fear

He acts as God, but not like God. His actions serve his own benefit and he is separated from the others in his mind. In order to protect his own paradise, he may cause much suffering and see other beings only as tools and building blocks. In his eyes they are beings that he has to manipulate and twist according to his ideas. But this does not stem from malice. It is much more the inability to trust that the others can also create a paradise that is in harmony with his own.

His contribution to the expansion of love consists of two indirect contributions he makes to the overall concept. One is that he gives other beings the chance to love him despite the suffering he causes through his ego paradise. On the other hand, there are also large areas in his life where he can trust and love unconditionally, so that the creation of his own paradise is possible for him at all.

Mächtige Geister entstehen meist durch die Kombination von Macht und Angst.

Powerful spirits are usually created by a combination of power and fear.

Mutual learning and teaching

In both variants there are weaker and stronger ones, who can learn in their own way and who can support each other, so that a perfect paradise is created.

A great magician, who knows how to create an insane amount and to direct all mankind, has understood a lot about the laws of love. The only thing he lacks is the insight to use this ability to create a paradise and not a hell. A "saint", that is, a person who has dedicated himself to love, but does not know how to develop so much power for healing in order to become so powerful, can learn a lot from him. As well as vice versa. Therefore both may meet each other as spirit and possessed to teach each other.

Whether someone becomes a spirit or an occupied one depends on where he is most likely to learn.

Ever larger steps

The further you are on your way to becoming a love-expander and healer, the more open you become to contact with the spirits, so the higher the chance of being occupied. And the more powerful the spirits that want to occupy you become. The stronger the castings are, the greater the learning successes in case you can accept and solve them. Therefore the development is also becoming faster and bigger.

Conscious decision making

If one consciously decides for a life as a love-expander, the openness for spiritual occupations increases as well. Because in this case one says consciously that one wishes to have learning partners and love messengers to get ahead. It is a bit like when you register for a course. By giving the willingness to learn to the outside world, it is also reflected in the form of lessons in which one can grow. But there is also a certain danger in this. For this can mean that you have a very painful life if you do not know how to deal with it. For example, if you want to be an acupuncturist or an energy healer who wants to dive deeper into the healing arts, you may open yourself up to encountering spirits without being aware of it.

Lessons for your own growth

This way you attract castings without understanding them and without realizing why they are there. The same thing can happen with diseases, by the way. If you open yourself to go your own way of life and accept your life's work, you will get all the support you need from Universum. This can mean, however, that you will get much more clues reflected from your own body than before. Both the illnesses and the castings are gifts. They are offers of help that make growth possible in the first place or at least make it much easier. Nevertheless, it can be that one can hardly accept these gifts as something positive. Therefore, we then get the feeling that we are being punished or treated unfairly by life.

Wer sich bewusst für das Wachstum entscheidet, läd dabei manchmal auch Geister als Lernpartner ein.

Those who consciously decide to grow sometimes invite ghosts as learning partners.

One is always strong enough

However, it is important to understand that you only ever get the tasks that you can manage. So no matter what kind of occupation or illness comes up in our lives, they are always chosen in such a way that we can achieve the learning success through them. At the same time, however, a possible "failure" is no reason to worry. Because even in the case of our failure we simply come back to the Father, or to the All-Consciousness. From there we can look at everything from the higher perspective and then try again. So there is no danger. The fear that we feel and that makes it so difficult for us to deal with occupations or diseases has nothing to do with danger itself, but only with our thought concepts of death.

We perceive death as frightening because we think it is final. We cannot imagine what awaits us there. Therefore, we often believe that death is something negative that makes us hold on to our life desperately. Only when we realize that our present life is just a chapter in a book of infinity and that nothing is over with our death, can we let go and trust in the process. And only when we have this trust can we really learn.

Feeling at home in development

So to prevent our life from becoming a perpetual ordeal of illness and occupation by the decision to learn, we must become at home in this process of development. As in everything, the same applies here: The way is the goal!

If we only want to have found enlightenment, but do not love the way there and cannot rejoice in it, then we will not take a single step. Our life will appear to us as a single struggle in which we must assert ourselves again and again. However, this turns the path of development into work and sooner or later we will use up our energy so much that we will be exhausted and burned out. We end up in burn-out and cannot progress on our path. So we have to feel at home in this process and make ourselves comfortable here. Only if we are there with fun and enthusiasm and if we can be happy about every little step, then we can find fulfilment in our path of life.

How exactly do ghost castings work?

The easiest way to explain the topic is to use an example. Let us assume that Ute has anchored in herself or adopted from her parents the belief that sexuality is a sin. For her, every kind of physical lust, ecstasy and desire is something negative, diabolical, which she rejects completely. She denies her own sexual urge and she cannot live out any form of lustful sexuality. Even if she herself believes that this makes her particularly pure and noble, this belief, however, takes her away from her own godhood and thus also from love. For she recognizes herself as an important part of her personality. She denies a part of her divine, creative power and thus becomes at odds with herself. She has become so obsessed with this principle that she no longer has the possibility to live out her sexuality and to reconcile with this part of herself.

The learning path with the greatest chance of success

Nevertheless, the divine power of the universe wants to give her the opportunity to learn and make peace with this aspect of her personality. For this reason she can now come into contact with an occupying spirit, which gives her exactly this learning opportunity. Of course, there are many other possibilities for her to learn. For example through a human mirror partner, through certain situations she gets into or through illness. But if the chance of learning success is highest through an occupation and at the same time she can hardly protect herself from such an occupation, then she will probably get a ghost as a mirror and therefore learning partner.

Bei einer Besetzung über nimmt der Geist ganz oder zeitweilig die Kontrolle.

In an occupation over, the mind takes control completely or temporarily.

Opposing problems attract each other

This spirit, for example, has the problem that he has lived his sexuality too excessively in previous lives. Therefore he has lost his balance in another direction. The moment he settles into Ute's body, he can take control of her consciousness, depending on how strong he is and how much Ute can protect herself. It is possible that she is now completely under the control of the mind. In this case she sees herself only as a kind of silent observer. But it is also possible that she does not notice anything at first. But then, from time to time in certain situations she loses control and does things she would never do herself.

Afterwards she cannot explain how it could have come to this. Her own mind and her power of decision are switched off and the actions are taken over directly by the occupant. The things she denied before are now made abundantly clear and carried out, so that she has to see clearly what is going on. Her life topic with sexuality is thereby exaggerated and made so clear that it becomes easy to understand.

Mutual rapprochement

At the same time, the mind also perceives Ute's feelings and thoughts, so that it too can come to a realization. You can imagine the situation a bit like in these comedies, where two people, who couldn't be more different, are put together for some reason, so that they have to get along with each other from now on. In the ideal case, this is the case for quite a while at first, until both realize that they can learn a lot from each other and that they complement each other. In the movies the two squabblers oftentimes become inseparable friends at the end.

Automatic disconnection

In the case of castings, it is more likely that the connection will be dissolved as soon as one or both have learned their lesson. If only the mind comes to its realization, it may simply leave Ute's body again. In this case she does not even have to do anything for it. However, if she does not resolve her sexuality issue in the process, there is a high probability that she will soon attract a spirit again. If Ute dissolves her subject, but the ghost does not, it is possible that the ghost cannot stay in her and disappears to find a new person.

Wenn die Lebensaufgaben gelöst wurden, löst sich die Besetzung durch den Geist wieder.

When the tasks of life have been solved, the occupation by the spirit dissolves again.

Protection from ghosts through positive routines

But it can also be the case that despite a strong life theme, one protects oneself so much from occupations that these mirror partners can hardly be given to you as a gift. Suppose Ute has never looked at her sexuality theme and does not intend to solve it. But she surrounds herself very strongly with light and practices unconditional love. She cherishes many positive thoughts, takes light-rich food, and always pays attention to her needs. She always listens to her inner voice as long as it is not about sexuality. Through this she has created a very light aura for herself, which protects her from occupations. In her own way, she can be compared to a well-trained athlete, who is much better protected against sprains and strains than an untrained couch potato.

Creating learning opportunities

In order for Ute to be able to tackle the issue nevertheless, she will first be put in a delicate situation. This is exactly what her core topic of sexuality is all about. If she uses this situation to resolve the issue, she is one step further. An occupation in this area is then no longer necessary. However, if she reacts in the old pattern and thus falls back into the rejection of her sexuality, this weakens her aura for a moment. In a way, she thereby issues an invitation, so that an occupying power can penetrate and take the lead. However, the spirit does not do this out of malice to harm Ute. It does it to protect her. And to offer her the opportunity to learn, because otherwise she would stagnate.

Without the occupier taking control, Ute would continue to fall back into her old patterns. As a result, she would weaken herself more and more until she would finally be in serious danger. Her morals are like a cage from which she simply cannot break out. As much as she may want to. However, the occupations override these own morals, her own limits, blockades and hurdles. So she acts beyond that without being able to control it. In this way she can see what is behind her limits. She learns what happens when moral concepts are overridden and in this way she can come to completely new insights.

Geist und Besetzter können sich gegenseitig helfen ins Licht zu gelangen.

Spirit and occupant can help each other to reach the light.

Further information about ghosts

If you want to learn more about ghosts and occupations, you can take a look at our articles "What are occupations?" and "How to recognize occupations? To delve even deeper we have put together some helpful books for you:

[amazon box="3453701933" title="Geister sind unter uns: Die Wahrheit über die ewigen Begleiter der Menschheit" description="Ein kalter Lufthauch im Nacken, ein seltsames Kribbeln auf der Haut – das muss keine Einbildung sein, sagt James Van Praagh. Denn die Existenz der Geister ist eine Realität! Mit frappierenden Beispielen aus seinem reichen Erfahrungsschatz als Kommunikator mit der Geistigen Welt beweist der Bestsellerautor: Die Geister der Verstorbenen sind ständig um uns." ][amazon box="3737409722" title="Geister, Dämonen - Phantasmen: Eine Kulturgeschichtet" description="In vielen Kulturen und Religionen ist bis in die Gegenwart der Glaube an Geister und Dämonen präsent. Ob als Poltergeister, als namenlose Wesen aus alten Zeiten, die wegen bestimmter Vergehen als Geister ihr Dasein fristen müssen, oder als verstorbene Familienmitglieder, die ihre Nachkommen entweder durch ihre Anwesenheit schützen oder heimsuchen unzählige Geistererscheinungen haben auch in der Gegenwart ihren festen Platz im Alltagsleben vieler Menschen." ][amazon box="1537036319" title="Geister Erlebnisse: Wahre Berichte über ungewöhnliche Erfahrungen" description="Seit unserer Kindheit begleiten uns Geister. Wir leben mit ihnen und haben noch keine Sekunde an ihrer Existenz gezweifelt. Wir wissen, dass sie uns helfen, dass wir mit ihnen reden können und dass sie immer für uns verfügbar sind, wann immer wir sie brauchen." ][amazon box="3799900500" title="Ein Wanderer im Lande der Geister" description="Die meisten Jenseitsbücher beschreiben die geistige Welt oft ausschließlich als Paradies. Franchezzo, der zu Lebzeiten alles andere als ein Heiliger war, schildert uns hingegen auch die Schattenseite des Jenseits. Und zwar sehr eindringlich und glaubhaft." ][amazon box="3453701062" title="Mit Geistern reden: Wie man sie erkennt, ihnen entgegentritt und sie erlöst" description="Gefangen in einer Welt zwischen Diesseits und Jenseits, auf der Suche nach dem Weg ins Licht. Das sind die Seelen Verstorbener, die wir als „Geister“ bezeichnen." ]

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