Compression girdle after plastic surgery

Those who have liposuction or breast augmentation must wear a medical compression girdle after the operation. They are usually neither particularly comfortable nor particularly cheap, but are extremely important for the success of the cosmetic surgery. For this reason, I would like to share my experiences with you and give you some tips on this topic so that you can decide on the appropriate bodice and the optimal way to wear it.

Why have liposuction?

Admittedly, I am not the typical, fully slender woman, where everyone may think: "Liposuction would be just the thing to make her feel good again in her body! She'll never get rid of those annoying ringlets and padding. For me it was more a matter of certain toxic fat deposits that stuck to me like glue, not wanting to disappear. I was able to exercise like a diligent person, drink as much water as I wanted and eat a healthy diet, but the fat deposits I had mentioned did not disappear an inch.

But the visual aspect was only one side of the coin for me. On the other hand, the burden was that this extra weight felt as if it was strange and didn't belong to me. This made me wish more and more that I did not want to feel and feel this ballast anymore. The more I moved while walking and running, the more it annoyed me to have to carry my so-called fat package around with me. At the same time my body should be freed from the toxic substance so that it can continue to heal in a healthy and active way.

Wann ist eine Fettabsaugung sinnvoll?

When is liposuction useful?

Why was the fat there and did not want to leave?

In order to recognise where the fat accumulation in your own body comes from, you first need to know that in many cases there is a protective programme behind it. Unfortunately, we usually only see the result that does not satisfy us and are therefore really angry with our body. Why does my body of all people have to be such a stubborn one and cling on to its fat like a loot of thieves, while others are already losing weight when they only think about sport? But this complaint does not do justice to the body.

Fat as a life saver

He's actually saving our lives right now. Because for some reason, we've been exposed to a very high level of toxins. This can happen through food, water, air or even through our own feelings. When our kidneys and liver can no longer cope with the large amounts of toxins, the aforementioned protection program is activated, with the help of which the excessive toxins are bound into fat cells and stored for the time being. In this way the body can cope with the overload of toxins without suffering serious damage. So without the protection programme my body would have been poisoned long ago and would have given up. Therefore, I am here full of respect for what my body had achieved and literally burdened itself with in order to be able to keep the focus on survival in general.

Fett als Lebensretter?

Fat as a lifesaver?

How do the toxins get into our body?

So either we poison ourselves by taking various substances such as alcohol, drugs, sugar, caffeine etc. or we find no way to communicate and bring out important feelings of honest expression. That means we simply swallow strong feelings. In my case, it was mainly the many strong feelings like anger and rage that I literally could not "digest", which is why it drove up the acid level in my body so much that I poisoned myself with it. If we cannot express the truth about our well-being, generally cannot represent and express our own important truth and gloss over many things to avoid anger, then we make our body produce acid on a physical level again and again.

Grease as poison storage depot

This is where the fat comes in. It works a bit like a load of poison barrels in which our body stores its hazardous waste. In the barrels it is now no longer so harmful. But instead, we now have the problem of final storage, as we know it from nuclear energy. And since we as bodies usually have no annoying neighbouring countries to which we can secretly ship the ballast, we have to store it before our own borders, in this case under our skin. The more toxins we absorb in the process that we cannot process, the more fat is stored in us as toxic waste. We notice this by gaining weight and ask ourselves why our body is playing this trick on us.

Why does the grease bearing not disintegrate again?

If we now try to get rid of the fat with a diet, we get angry about our new food plan and the fact that we have to give up all the tasty things in life, that we usually produce even more acids and toxins than if we just eat merrily. On the other hand, our air, water, clothing and food are so polluted with toxins that our body hardly ever reaches the state where it can break down more than it takes in. As a result, we often move in a downward spiral, which prevents us from being able to break down the fat and toxin stores once they have been created.

Alternative ways of fat removal

That these unwanted fat cells, as important as they are, may not be welcomed is more than understandable. That is why many affected people - including myself - are looking for ways to remove the fat storage in other ways. One of these methods, which has been tried and tested many times, is surgery, which removes the fat and the toxins it contains. In this way, both the poisonous ballast and the weight ballast in the form of fat can be removed. I hope this little introduction will give you an overview of why there may be several reasons for wanting to have this important procedure. However, I do not want to go into detail about the actual operation at this point. Instead, I would like to concentrate again on the main topic of the article, i.e. aftercare with the help of a medical compression corset.

The after-treatment is decisive

Warum sollte man ein Kompressionsmieder nach einer OP tragen?

Why should you wear a compression girdle after surgery?

In general, we believe that liposuction is a one-time procedure for a few hours and that we can go home as a finished, slim person afterwards. But of course it is not quite that easy. After all, our body is not a warehouse from which the superfluous fat deposits can simply be removed by truck. Everything in the body is interconnected and interwoven and so the fat cells have to be carefully separated from the other connective tissue cells. However, this never removes all the fat, because we definitely need some of it.

In addition, the risk would be much too great that the surrounding cells would also be injured or removed as part of the fat cell removal, which could have serious consequences. As a result, some free, unadulterated fat cells would remain after the operation, which could move around in the body or sink down. This is one of the reasons why it is advisable, or almost essential, to wear a compression girdle after the operation.

Own experience with direct comparison

In fact, I myself have had the dubious luck to be allowed to try out both options, i.e. once an operation without post-operative treatment with a compression girdle and once with one. As the saying goes: "You can do it that way, but then it just sucks!"

I have hardly ever experienced anything to which this saying applied as much as to my fat surgery without a corsage. Of course I could do without, but the result was that I kept looking at myself in front of the mirror and thinking "Yes, after the operation my shape will be as feminine and graceful as it was in my teenage years" before I realised that I had already had the operation. In this way, fat cells had disappeared and if you want to go from being extremely overweight to a so-called normal weight, you will of course still notice the difference. But then the body simply becomes slimmer overall, without getting a detailed and elaborate shape. But that was actually the goal of the whole action.

Der Kompressionsmieder in der Detailansicht der Beine

The compression corsage in the detail view of the legs

Several expert opinions

For this reason I visited some more experts in this field. They evaluated the result and asked me for different opinions about further steps. The answers I received were very similar. In principle, my figure was not wrong and a fat operation was not absolutely necessary. But the result of the last operation would have meant that the doctor would have had to repeat the semester at university. This was partly due to the doctor's own skills. To a greater extent, however, it was due to the lack of follow-up treatment following the operation. So if I really still wanted to achieve the goal I had wanted to achieve with the first treatment, I had no other choice. I had to have the operation repeated by a more competent colleague and this time wear a compression girdle afterwards.

Heads up:

There is an important lesson in this, which I absolutely want to pass on to you, so that you don't have to have the same experiences as I had! If a doctor doesn't tell you that a compression girdle is necessary, or even tells you on request that it won't do any good, then this is a pretty good sign that he is much less familiar with this type of surgery than he claims. A competent and experienced plastic surgeon will always advise you to wear a medical girdle. If he does not, it is best to leave it alone and find another doctor.

What is a medical compression corsage?

A compression girdle is a skin-tight suit that you wear under your clothes and that automatically presses your body into the shape you want to maintain as a result of your plastic surgery. Or rather, it presses the body into the shape it would naturally have in a perfectly healthy state anyway. If you wear it long enough after the operation, i.e. in most cases for about 6 weeks, it ensures that the remaining, dissolved fat cells grow again in such a way that the body retains the shape given by the bodice later.

But not only the cosmetic result, but also the faster healing process are advantages of compression garments. For example, you can return to everyday life much faster with a compression girdle than without. In addition, a compression garment minimizes swelling, edema, the occurrence of keloids, it reduces the risk of infection and reduces pain. In addition, it shapes the desired contours and allows the gaps in the body to heal and disappear.

How does a compression corsage work?

The most important thing is that the bodice is worn very tightly, because only then can it show its effect. And by very tight, I mean really very tight. That means that your bodice should fit so tight that you can just about get the zipper closed.

How does a compression corsage affect the body?

After the procedure itself, wearing the girdle is comfortable at first, because you feel well wrapped. At the same time, the suit also prevents the development of excessive postoperative water retention. These deposits would otherwise cause you to feel bloated and swollen, which is definitely the opposite of what you want to feel after liposuction. In fact, without a compression girdle, the water retention often makes you look even thicker and more bulky than before the operation. Finally, the corset stabilizes the newly forming connective tissue strands in the area that has been suctioned off and is thus involved in wound healing and the associated skin retraction. In this way, not only can the general body shape be supported and maintained, but scarring can also be reduced.

Effects of the compression bodice on the tumescent fluid

Das Kompressionsmieder von Bellcare ist sehr sauber verarbeitet.

The compression bodice from Bellacare is very cleanly manufactured.

The compression suit also helps to break down the remaining tumescent solution, the local anaesthetic that is injected into the body before the operation. This has the advantage that it now puts less strain on the body.

Experience has shown that only a small amount of the tumescent solution used for anesthesia is always aspirated during the procedure. This means that a larger deposit of fluid remains in the body, which is partly absorbed by the body and excreted via the kidneys and partly drained from the wound sites within the first 12-24 hours. Remaining the tumescent solution in the wound area has great advantages in terms of anaesthesia, as it often remains effective for up to 8 hours after the operation, thus providing efficient protection against postoperative pain. The pain is then comparatively low and feels like sore muscles. But of course like a regular muscle ache, at least as soon as you move. To ensure that the tumescence solution can drain well, the puncture sites are simply covered with a good adhesive plaster and otherwise left open. They heal by themselves within the first 10 days.

Which compression underwear is the right one for me?

With the wide range of different variations and manufacturers of compression garments, it is initially not easy to find the one that is most suitable for you and therefore achieves the highest level of wearing comfort on the one hand, but also the greatest healing and shaping success on the other. The medical compression corsets can also be ordered in different variations, depending on which parts of the body are affected. Depending on whether the fat-path treatment has only taken place on the hip, or has also included the abdomen or thighs up to the knees, the length of the bodice varies greatly.

Here you will find an overview of different types of compression underwear, both for women and men:

Compression underwear for women:

  • Compression bra (e.g. for the aftercare of breast surgery)
  • Compression vest (e.g. for the follow-up treatment of liposuction in the area of the upper arms, upper back or breast).
  • Compression abdominal belt (e.g. after liposuction or other operations in the abdominal area)
  • Compression sleeves (e.g. for water retention in the arms or after liposuction in the arm area)
  • Compression panty girdle (e.g. after liposuction in the area of the abdomen, hips and thighs)
  • Copression stockings (e.g. as after-treatment for fat operations in the leg area or water retention in the legs)
  • Chin bandage (e.g. after plastic surgery on the face)
Here are the top 5 offers for compression bodices for women at Amazon: [amazon bestseller="Kompressionsmieder Frauen" items="5" template="list" ]

Compression underwear for men:

  • Compression vest (e.g. after a fat surgery in the upper body area)
  • Compression abdominal belt (e.g. after liposuction or other operations in the abdominal area)
  • Compression sleeves (e.g. for water retention in the arms or after liposuction in the arm area)
  • Compression panty girdle (e.g. after liposuction in the area of the abdomen, hips and thighs)
  • Copression socks (e.g. as after-treatment for fat operations in the leg area or water retention in the legs)
Here are the top 5 offers for compression corsage for men at Amazon: [amazon bestseller="Kompressionsmieder Herren" items="5" template="list" ]

The compression corsage from Bellacare in test

After intensive research and the reading of innumerable experience reports, I myself oriented myself above all to the criterion of skin compatibility. Because with 6 weeks wearing time, you should be able to feel really good with it. Otherwise you can hardly stand to wear the bodice permanently. And it doesn't help when it is lying next to you on the shelf. After extensive research, I myself found a medical compression girdle from Bellacare that was ideal for me. (To be found on the website:

Cut and wearing comfort

In my case, all three areas were affected by the operation, i.e. the hip as well as the thighs and areas of the abdomen. Therefore, my bodice extended from the knees to the base of the ribs. It was therefore particularly pleasant that it ended in the upper area with a 9 cm high waistband, which was particularly soft and could not roll up. This prevented the bodice from cutting into the abdominal or waist area when standing, sitting or walking.

Practical features

Extremely practical was also the open crotch, which made it possible to go to the toilet without having to take off the bodice completely.

On the sides of the bodice there was a zipper on both sides with hook support, which was implemented extremely robustly and again closes very comfortably so that it cannot cut into the skin. The impeccable workmanship with the double-stitch seam effectively protects against open seams and premature wear. At the bottom of the leg, the fabric is trimmed with lace, which even looks very cute, making the bodice look almost like a leggings.

Material and fabric structure

The elastic and velvety soft texture of the fabric conducts the moisture from the skin to the outside and cools pleasantly, which is very pleasant especially after the operation. In addition, the antimicrobial property prevents bacteria and fungal growth. It also effectively prevents the formation of unpleasant odours and skin irritations.

Practical tip: In order not to make wearing the girdle unnecessarily uncomfortable, you should avoid postponing your operation and thus also wearing the girdle until summer. Because the bodice has a warming effect in itself, due to its firm fabric. At the same time, however, working and regenerating your tissue also leads to above-average heat development, which promotes warm skin.

Conclusion on the compression corsage from Bellacare

In summary, you will find the excellent wearing and compression properties because the material is breathable, antimicrobial and 100% latex-free. With an antimicrobial fabric, the ability of micro-organisms to multiply or infectiousness is reduced. This should be taken into account, especially if the fabric lies directly on the skin. The material itself is called "Comprexxwear" at Bellacare and is made of nylon/spandex.

Here you can find the compression corsage tested by me directly in Bellacare-Shop. Here you can also find useful alternatives on Ebay: Kompressionsmieder | eBay

How do I find the right size?

Hold your measuring tape at the desired height directly on the skin. First measure the waist at the narrowest point, then the hip circumference at the widest point and finally the thighs at the widest point. Measure without tension, so that the tape measure lies directly on the skin without wrinkles. If you are unsure, ask your surgeon directly. On the basis of your measured measurements you will find out exactly your suitable size in the clearly arranged table. Also a little tip which I got from my surgeon: Rather choose a size number too small than too big, so that it can achieve the desired effect as described.

Experience after taking off the bodice

Finally my feeling after the 6 weeks was that I almost missed the bodice. It gave me a kind of assurance in this important post-operative phase of tissue healing that everything would heal well. Especially in the initial phase of the first 1-2 weeks, pulling is often so unpleasant, as with a regular muscle ache, that this girdle contributed to my well-being. Because my bodice was really skin-tight, there were no problems with the choice of clothes, or that I could not wear certain trousers. So you can continue to wear what you like and are therefore not restricted. The bodice is available in the two colours black and beige, but I personally found that the colour beige is more inconspicuous for dressing.

I hope to have helped you with this article and the important information and hints and wish you a good choice and pleasant recovery.

Further information

Especially when it comes to cosmetic surgery, it is important to be well informed in advance and not to approach the subject naively or naïvely. Because then it is easy to end up with a proverbial black eye. We live in a capitalist world and doctors are first and foremost service providers who want to do good business. So it is easy to find that you are not always advised in the way that is best for you, but in the way that best helps the doctor. You can find this as you like, but you will not change it. The only thing you can do about it is to get yourself involved in the subject and become an expert, so that you can recognise misleading arguments from doctors and counter them. For this purpose I have listed a few books that I myself found very informative: [amazon box="393275512X" title="Brustvergrößerung Bruststraffung Fettabsaugung" description="Hintergrundinformationen über die Operationstechniken" ] [amazon box="3131381418" title="Lehrbuch der Liposuktion" description="Wissenschaftliche Arbeit über das Fettabsaugen" ]

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