This time, however, they wanted to work with the British company that had already done such good preliminary work. Completely surprised and initially a little disappointed, they found out that this company had just closed down. A lot of research and even more paperwork followed, at the end of which the takeover and thus the salvation of Kildwick was finally achieved.

Since then, the new Kildwick company has been able to resume and build on the success of the original company. The ideology and philosophy behind it have hardly changed. The focus is still on the protection and conscientious, careful treatment of nature and the environment. Every person in western civilisation uses an average of 40 litres of water per day simply to flush it down the toilet. This pollutes the environment to an extent that is simply not necessary. Dry separation toilets, for example, can provide a remedy here, and so Kildwick is already automatically advocating a resource-saving way of life through his daily business alone and counteracting the almost insane waste of water in our modern age.

For it is actually not excrement and urine that pollute our environment, but much more the many medicines, cleaning agents, toothpaste, shower creams, fragrances and disinfectants with which we surround ourselves in everyday life. If these are not mixed together, human excrement, just like animal excrement, are valuable resources that serve, for example, to fertilise plants. Kildwick therefore also actively promotes a rethinking of the taboo subjects surrounding our digestion and thus promotes the sustainable use of resources. Both in terms of water and chemicals as well as our own faeces and urine. Because only when the topic is salon-worthy, so that people can talk about it, can sensible and forward-looking solutions be found here.

All Kildwick products are therefore extremely well thought out and extensively tested. Biodegradability, ecological balance, upcycling, recycling, conservation of resources, environmental protection ... - for the Kildwick staff these are not empty words but guiding principles of their daily actions.
Whoever chooses one of the Kildwick products not only gets excellent quality, but also automatically becomes part of a community that makes our planet a little bit better. So that future generations will also find a world worth living in.