In addition to the most diverse methods of sheet metal working, the well-known "Assistant" tool trolleys are also manufactured here.
Torque technology has found its home in HAZET Plant 4 in Remscheid-Vieringhausen. This is where the high-precision torque spanners are manufactured, assembled and calibrated.
The high quality of HAZET tools is no coincidence. Highly qualified engineers develop and design tools and production aids with the help of the latest CAD computers and "high-end software". The data generated in this way is used in a variety of ways, e.g. to create samples or to communicate with customers and suppliers via data exchange. There are even virtual working environments with which the use cases of tools can be simulated or NC data for machine tools can be generated, which then enable 100 % repeatable production. This ensures a consistently high standard of quality.
The constantly changing variety of products is handled with the help of a state-of-the-art laser cutting system and a punching and bending centre. Fully automatic welding robots are used for the production of large batches.
In a state-of-the-art compact powder coating centre, all RAL colours can be efficiently applied to the products, even in small batches. Even with the shortest changeover times, coating is almost waste-free. In this way, HAZET also makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection.