The advantage is that this also enables transparency that would have been inconceivable with traditional sales channels. In addition, resource-consuming intermediate steps can be omitted, so that less money is needed from the end customer and yet more of it reaches the producer. Unlike large parts of the trade, private customers are interested in whether forests are destroyed or protected for their patio, cupboard or living room table. Thus, with the help of Betterwood's online shop, the rainforest can be protected directly and sustainably.
Betterwood's sales department has always been located in Berlin, but has moved several times, from Neukölln to Treptow and is now in Moabit. The warehouse, on the other hand, moved once across Germany. The first container with FSC-certified Cumaru decking boards from Bolivia was stored at a forwarding company in Hamburg. Then the warehouse moved to Michendorf near Potsdam. In 2014, it was then opened in Nümbrecht in the outskirts of Cologne. The location, the space and the local employees have ensured that Betterwood has now put down roots there.

A lot has changed since it was founded a good ten years ago. The idea of sustainability has developed from a marginal phenomenon to a central social issue. Online trade has become established. This helped Betterwood to successfully establish itself in the market. Today, the company is known and loved by thousands of customers. The company has so far been able to do without advertising and has thus had the opportunity to use the money to support environmental projects instead. Betterwood is growing from year to year. And it has done so without outside investors, i.e. only through its own efforts. Soon, even the warehouse will have to be enlarged and many new products will be added to the range. The team is also growing steadily, as is the technical equipment. What does not change, however, is the founding idea from which the company emerged: to promote sustainable forestry in order to protect the forest.