When a customer chooses uvex, the company wants to be sure that the products sold also meet its high quality standards. This is ensured by the specially formulated principle "Made in uvex": From product idea and development to manufacturing and sales, the entire value chain is in uvex's hands. Everything is carried out and supervised by the company's own production facilities, most of which are located in Germany or the rest of Europe.

When it comes to protecting nature and the environment, uvex has set itself ambitious goals, especially with regard to CO2 reduction. The company is aiming for CO2-neutral growth over the next few years. The uvex Group has already been able to prove that this goal is not just a vision over the last three years. The company's CO2 emissions have been significantly reduced thanks to its sustainable efforts. In some plants, CO2 emissions have been reduced by up to 63% since 2016. A development with which the company wants to set an example in the industry, both for the future and for the protection of people.

Managing partner Michael Winter the qualities of the uvex group with the following words:

"For over 90 years, we have been producing and selling high-quality products for the protection of people in sport, leisure and work. And if you want to protect people, you have to take responsibility. It is precisely from this mission that we derive our obligation to act sustainably, socially and responsibly."