Renovation would have been expensive and would have meant that he would have had to shower in the bathtub. Because there was no room for a shower and a bathtub here. Strictly speaking, it was already too cramped even with just a bathtub. Then he had a thought that was as ingenious as it was simple: what if he had a bathtub that would only appear when he really needed it, but otherwise took up no space. From this idea, it was just a few more thoughts and the concept of an inflatable bathtub called Tubble was born.
After the initial design was developed, the Tubble was tested, improved, tested some more and improved some more until the inflatable bathtub that you can buy today was born. Tubble, the flexible and inflatable bathtub, is now available in 20 countries and offers the luxurious experience of a bath even if you can't have a fixed bathtub in your bathroom.

Tubble has since made it its goal to put a relaxing bathing moment within everyone's reach. Thanks to the inflatable bathtub, this mission has already been fulfilled for many people around the world. For those who like to enjoy a bath but don't have a fixed bathtub, Tubble is the perfect solution. All that is needed in addition is a drain close to the floor, such as one finds in the shower.

With the Tubble inflatable bathtub, simply anyone can enjoy a relaxing bath, no matter where they are or how much space they have.