Through complete solutions, STURM completely relieves its customers of the special issue of certified fire, smoke and sound insulation elements. STURM is a partner from the development to the delivery of the ready-to-install system with frame, fittings, side/upper parts and building services interfaces. In addition, STURM elements are available with burglar resistance, bullet resistance, climate protection, moisture/wetness resistance, flood protection and with a bacteria-repellent surface. STURM Yacht Fire Doors supplies functional elements and assembly systems for international yacht building.

The STURM functional elements are based on around 70 EN certified designs and on manufacturing with well thought-out material combinations. This modular system gives customers every freedom to combine function/multifunction and design. Dimensions, surface, equipment, production depth and scope of delivery can be ordered individually for each element. All STURM elements are supplied with guidelines for further processing and with complete documentation for official acceptance.

Sturm GmbH is thus a niche producer and the problem solver for joiners and architects when it comes to special doors. The company specialises in special elements and individual problem solutions made of wood for protection against fire, smoke, burglary and noise.

More than 2500 of these individual doors are manufactured and marketed in Unken every year.