Thanks to the optimal equipment of the production facility, which also includes all testing machines, Sächsische Hebe- und Zurrtechnik GmbH is an ideal partner for the realisation of customer-specific projects. Because quality is still regarded here as a passion and an obligation towards the customers, who must be able to rely 100 % on SHZ products. After all, this is about safety in transport and road traffic, on which not only large quantities and the success of entire projects and undertakings depend, but also the lives of many people. In order to always live up to this trust, Sächsische Hebe- und Zurrtechnik GmbH has established a strict and seamless quality management system, which has been set up according to ISO 9001:2015 and certified by DEKRA.

The declared and so far always achieved goal of SHZ is zero defects in the product and services of our company. Quality management is therefore geared towards the continuous improvement of processes and procedures and integrates the motivation, knowledge and experience of all employees.
The customer sets the quality standard at Sächsische Hebe- und Zurrtechnik GmbH, taking into account applicable regulations and standards! The company's technicians plan the quality and regularly carry out tests on their own testing machines or in external laboratories. Furthermore, SHZ has had its most important products tested by TÜV or BG Verkehr and has received a corresponding GS certificate. The close cooperation with these institutions as well as regular tests are a guarantee for 100 % quality and safety.

At the same time, Sächsische Hebe- und Zurrtechnik GmbH is also concerned about preserving and protecting the environment for future generations. For this reason, care is always taken in the design of production processes to ensure that raw materials and energy are used carefully and that all applicable environmental regulations are complied with. Furthermore, SHZ develops products that lead to continuous savings in use through durability and efficiency.