At schallfrei! planners, architects, interior designers, interior decorators and office fitters work hand in hand to provide perfect customer service. Starting with the initial idea, through development, design and implementation, to support in the event of any problems. Throughout the entire process, the schallfrei! team stands by its customers as a professional partner, offering advice and taking an active role.
The acoustic elements from schallfrei! are not only ideal for improving the sound in private rooms, but also for offices, call centres, kindergartens, schools, public facilities, surgeries, clinics, restaurants and hotels and any other type of building structure. Acoustically, the elements ensure that there is less reverberation in a room and that the overall sounds are clearer, richer and fuller. Visually, they are at the same time stylishly staged and contribute to the beautification of the room. This creates a perceptible silence in the individual room concept.
Mother Nature is always the great role model in the perfection of acoustics. The silence of the forest, the stillness of the night, the murmur of the brook and the pleasantly gentle sound after a heavy snowfall are just a few of the instructions and role models for sound-free! So the company has made it its business to bring the soothing, healing acoustics that nature offers us with all its properties and above all the peaceful, harmonious and gentle atmosphere into the interior of our rooms. Nowadays we are more and more concerned with the possibilities of copying nature, this is also the aim of schallfrei!
The health and well-being of our fellow human beings is at the centre of schallfrei! - acoustic solutions. That is why schallfrei! - products are made exclusively from natural, harmless materials in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 with textile confidence.
In this way, they create a first-class sense of well-being in the rooms in which people work and live every day. In a world that seems to be getting louder and more restless every day, schallfrei! provides the necessary peace and quality of life in terms of acoustics.
All schallfrei! products are, of course, subjected to strict quality control before they leave the tranquillity of the Allgäu region.