Only the finest herbs, spices, blends and spice salts of the best quality are therefore part of Ramona's product range, which is characterised by the most intense taste and wonderful aromas. Customer satisfaction confirms the exceptional taste and versatility of the spice manufacturer's products.

Ramona Gewürze GmbH was founded in 1953 by Adolf Ramonat and Helmut Schoppmeier as a family business. Since then, it has been active in the sector of fine, noble spices. Decades of acquired know-how, constant optimisation and a large portion of passion characterise this traditional company! Today, the company is managed by Axel Schoppmeier, who continues a long family tradition with his commitment and knowledge:

Since its beginnings, the company has developed from a small business to an important company whose field of activity is constantly expanding. Nowadays, Ramona is also active internationally. Its customer base includes not only processing companies in the Netherlands, France and Poland, but also in Canada. Ramona always focuses on its customers. Country-specific special requests are a matter of course. With 20 employees, Ramona Spices always pays attention to on-time completion and delivery, the highest quality and the best taste.

Ramona Gewürze GmbH also reliably offers individually created special spice mixtures according to customer requirements. The company is an important pillar for the butcher's trade and the meat industry on the international market. The spice manufacturer exports its goods not only to neighbouring countries, but also to Canada, for example. The best training and continuous education of the team are part of Ramona's self-image. Tradition-conscious, flexible and future-oriented, Ramona offers only the optimum in quality for its customers.
The employees of RAMONA Gewürze GmbH will continue to give their best in the future.