The well-developed service includes comprehensive consulting both before and after purchase, repairs and calibrations as well as customer-specific adaptation of devices and software. For many of the mobile and stationary devices, spare parts and optional accessories for measurement and calibration or for storage and evaluation of the measurement data are also offered.
PCE Deutschland GmbH tries to minimize negative impacts on the environment as far as possible during production, transport, use, recycling and disposal of products. As a concrete contribution against climate change and forest dieback on site, PCE Deutschland GmbH has planted 1,525 deciduous trees on a former spruce area in the municipal forest of Meschede together with the forestry company in spring 2021. Comparative measurements are to make the effects recognizable.

What is particularly important to PCE Instruments?

Above all, customer requirements and service are particularly important to the company. The product portfolio of the PCE series of product development is large. Decisive innovations, calculable risks, important pipeline decisions are elementary guidelines of PCE Instruments. The development and manufacture of new products involves close teamwork between the manufacturer and the trade.

What is the desired outcome?What is the desired outcome?

PCE devices are characterized by high quality and at the same time easy to use. Buyers are also helped to coordinate their own operational processes and control them more effectively. From the result higher quality products with great quantity are guaranteed.

Where are the sites located?

Taking into account the customer's needs, PCE Instruments has expanded its operations. Spain, Italy, England, Chile, Netherlands, France, Turkey and Hong Kong were founded as additional locations. Russia is already in the development phase.
Annually, more than 2500 of these individual single doors are manufactured and marketed in Unken.