The shape of the outer edges also prevents slipping on slopes. When walking downhill, on the other hand, you can achieve glide phases if you want to.

The Multi-Spike Concept
All INOOK snowshoes are equipped with steel spikes, which give the hiker a secure grip, regardless of whether he is walking on soft or hard snow, on slush or firn.

The Soft Pad
The anatomically adapted, flexible support system provides efficient yet comfortable ankle support. At the same time, the steps are cushioned by the Soft Pad's gel padding, which protects the soles of the feet, the knees and the intervertebral discs.

The double-sided, micrometric binding
The binding of INOOK snowshoes can be adjusted on both sides, inside and outside. This allows the snowshoe to be optimally adjusted to the hiker's boot and feet. On the inner side, the soft pad can be centred and on the outer side, the binding ratchet can be adjusted to the circumference of the shoe with millimetre precision. The binding also makes it possible to use different shoe sizes and shapes with the same snowshoe and still always have a secure hold.

The profiled snowshoe tips
The special shape of INOOK's snowshoe tips allow them to glide through any type of snow without resistance.

The open heel area of the frame
The frame of INOOK snowshoes is open at the back in the heel area. This promotes the enjoyment of precise gliding steps when descending. It also prevents the snow you compress underneath the shoe from making walking difficult, as it can be easily deflected to the back.

The diagonally oriented straps
In order to ensure an efficient and comfortable hold of the forefoot and to prevent pressure points on sensitive, tendonous areas, the fastening straps in the front area of the binding are diagonally oriented.

The toothed heel binding
Thanks to the special locking technique, the heel binding can be adjusted instantly and securely to any hiking boot.

In addition, INOOK snowshoes offer a whole range of other advantages. To this day, they are handmade by highly qualified INOOK employees in France and are therefore both robust and durable as well as particularly comfortable and have a high wearing comfort. In addition, they can be put on and taken off extremely quickly, which means that you use them much more often than if you had to perform half an act of state every time to switch between hiking with normal shoes and snowshoes.
All this makes INOOK snowshoes the high-quality products they are.