With the HOFA College, HOFA has created its own teaching institution. Here, state-certified audio engineering distance learning courses with online campus and studio workshops are offered for beginners and advanced students. These courses are aimed at anyone interested in recording, mixing and music production.

HOFA-Akustik develops and distributes bass straps, absorbers, diffusers, movable walls and acoustic curtains for optimal room acoustics. The professional and inexpensive acoustic modules are used in recording studios as well as in concert halls, rehearsal rooms and home cinemas.

The HOFA plug-ins division produces exceptional audio tools that come straight from the everyday studio world. The IQ plug-ins, the CD and DDP software and the freeware 4U series are innovative and easy-to-understand tools for better and faster audio engineering.

HOFA's motto to this day is: "Competent, fair and sustainable success". Following this motto, the company strives every day for the best performance for customers and business partners. To ensure that this succeeds, HOFA has developed a corporate philosophy that focuses on these aspects.

The principle of sustainability is also reflected in the financial and innovation philosophy. The revenues generated flow into development as well as into the improvement of the internal infrastructure. The ideas and suggestions of the employees, as well as those of the customers and the market itself, are incorporated into the further work as much as possible. At the same time, HOFA always maintains and optimises its existing, proven products.

Above all, HOFA is also a sustainable and responsible company in terms of environmental protection. For example, a large part of the electricity required by the company is covered by a solar system. In order to protect the forests, the company also uses a paperless office and energy-efficient technology in all areas. The quality of the products and equipment corresponds to this principle in terms of longevity and value. After all, the longer a product lasts, the less waste it produces. A concept that, unfortunately, hardly any company pursues today.