The idea of producing a semi-finished dumpling dough that can be easily processed further without the quality and taste suffering, as would be the case with ready-made or instant dough, actually came from the grandmother of today's company owners Christina Dietmayr and Timo Burger. Burgis took this clever idea and professionalised it. Thus, with innovative advertising strategies via food trucks, trade fairs, blog entries and its own YouTube channel, the neumarkt-based company was able to contribute to dumplings becoming increasingly popular and well-known today, not only in Bavaria but throughout Germany. Not only at home, but also at the Oktoberfest, in top restaurants and community catering.

Recently, Burgis has been expanding its production facility in Neumarkt in order to remain true to its home and traditions, but also future-proof and independent. This will allow the company to continue to meet the ever-increasing demands of food safety and traceability. By expanding production, new jobs are created and cooperation with regional farmers is expanded.

So Burgis is making a far greater contribution than it already does through its delicious dumplings.

You can also find out more about Burgis at the YouTube channel of the company.