The Swiss Federal Office of Energy supported the first Amphiro study by ETH Zurich and the University of Lausanne. The effect of real-time feedback on consumption was investigated. The proven savings significantly exceeded expectations: 452 kWh per year and average household (2.1 persons) - and permanently. Amphiro a1 Basic was thus the most effective feedback tool in buildings that had been studied so far.

How did the development continue? Pilot projects followed with large companies in Switzerland (with the support of Swiss Mobiliar), Singapore (with the Public Utility Board), the Netherlands (with PWN) and South Korea (with KEMCO). All studies were accompanied by top-class research teams and all were able to confirm the results.

In parallel, the interest of manufacturers and households in the topic of smart homes increased, which led to the team growing at the same time...

In 2015, Amphiro won Swiss Mobiliar as an investor and continued to expand the smart home sector and sales. In May 2016, amphiro b1 connect was launched as the second product, which synchronises data with smartphones and the amphiro cloud.

In July 2018, the Finnish faucet manufacturer Oras Group secured a majority stake in Amphiro. This gave Amphiro excellent access to the European fittings market. Together, the companies will drive the development of innovative products and services in the areas of health, comfort and sustainability.